Adequate supply of spring plowing seeds and stable prices
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   News from this website The current nationwide spring plowing production is gradually expanding from south to north. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has shown that the national seed market has been launched around the Spring Festival. Seed stores in various regions are operating normally. Farmers are purchasing seeds and preparing seeds faster than the same period last year. .
   This year, the supply of field seeds for spring sown crops is generally sufficient. There is sufficient supply of hybrid corn, conventional rice, soybean, cotton, potato, spring wheat, spring rape and other crops across the country to meet the demand for seed. Affected by the floods in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River last year, the supply of hybrid early rice seeds was tight this year. Various localities have adopted measures such as using reserve seeds, making good varieties and regional adjustments to ensure the supply of early rice seeds.
   At present, the progress of seed sales has exceeded the same period last year. Farmers are actively buying and preparing seeds, and the overall market is booming. Seed prices rose and fell year-on-year and remained stable overall. The national average sales price of corn seeds rose slightly, up by 2.37%year-on-year; the national average sales price of hybrid rice seeds increased by 2.70%year-on-year.
   During the spring plowing and sowing period, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will send inspection teams to key areas to conduct seed market inspections, severely crack down on illegal production and operation activities such as the production and sale of counterfeit and infringing seeds, and ensure the safety of spring production and use of seeds.