A number of achievements of Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University won the 2020 Shaanxi Science and Technology Award
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   On March 23, the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government issued a decision on the 2020 Shaanxi Science and Technology Award. Northwest A&F University has won 12 awards, of which 6 were presided over and completed (4 for the first prize and 2 for the second prize) Item), participate in completing 6 items.
  The”Kiwi Fruit Canker Green Prevention and Control Technology Innovation and Application” hosted by Professor Huang Lili of our school, the”R&D and application of key technologies for high-efficiency and environmentally friendly dairy cattle breeding” hosted by Professor Yao Junhu, and the”Apple Efficient” hosted by Professor Zhao Zhengyang The project of”Research and Demonstration of Light Simplified Cultivation Mode and Technical System” won the first prize of Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Progress, and the project of”Research on the Process, Pattern and Regional Response of Soil Organic Carbon in the Loess Plateau” completed by Academician Mingan Shao won the first prize of Natural Science of Shaanxi Province.
  Associate Professor Gao Xiaoli completed the “Research Integration and Demonstration of Key Technologies for High-quality Anti-stress and Synergy of Boiled Millet”, and the “Evaluation and Mechanism Analysis of Carbon Sequestration Benefits of the Returning Farmland to Forest (Grass) Project” hosted by Researcher Deng Lei won the Shaanxi Science and Technology Second prize for progress.
  Professor Xiao Bin participated in the completion of”the integration and demonstration of key technologies for the high-quality development of the tea industry in Shaanxi Province”, and the project”Structural Loess Mechanics and Its Engineering Application” completed by Professor Zhang Aijun won the first prize of Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award. Professor Zan Linsen participated in the completion of the”Research and Demonstration of Key Technologies for the Nutritional Safety Production of Beef and Mutton and Product Development”, and the”Remediation Mechanism of Forest-Grass-Soil System and Key Technologies for Close-to-Natural Management in Loess Areas” completed by Researcher Xue Qi, and completed by Professor Hu Jianhong.”Research integration and application of key technologies for selection and improvement of high-quality and high-yielding dairy cows”, and the”Research and Demonstration of Walnut Comprehensive Supporting Cultivation Technology” project completed by Associate Professor Liu Chaobin won the second prize of Shaanxi Provincial Science Progress Award.
   This time the province awarded 3 people with the highest science and technology awards in Shaanxi Province, 48 first prizes, 89 second prizes, 122 third prizes, and 2 international science and technology cooperation awards.