A master student from the College of Food Science and Technology of Hunan Agricultural University published a research paper on a new method for real-time monitoring of fish freshness in an internationally renowned journal
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  The huge fishery production has brought considerable economic value. Under improper handling and transportation or storage conditions, the quality of fish and its products is prone to deterioration, and its quality monitoring and safety testing are particularly important. Luo Qian and Zhang Yaqin, master students of the Food Safety Micro-Nano Biosensing Technology Research Group of Hunan Agricultural University, have recently developed a portable functional hydrogel for fish freshness monitoring. Using fish meat and other aquatic products to degenerate to produce volatile biogenic amines, catalyze the hydrolysis of the precursors in the functional glue into a reducing agent, and further reduce the color of the substrate, thereby causing the color of the functional glue to change, realizing the direct and real-time monitoring of fish meat degree. Recently, the two results of the study were published in the internationally renowned journals”Food Control” and”Sensors and Actuators:B. Chemical”.
   Both”Food Control” and”Sensors and Actuators:B. Chemical” are published by Elsevier Science Publishing Group in the United States, a periodical of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, with impact factors of 4.258 and 7.100, respectively.
   These two papers are based on the Hunan Agricultural University College of Food Science and Technology, the Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory of Food Science and Biotechnology, and the Food Safety Micro/Nano Biosensing Technology Research Group as the first unit. The research group leader Professor Shi Xingbo is the communication The author and the first author are Luo Qian and Zhang Yaqin, graduate students. The research was awarded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Hunan Young Talents Science and Technology Innovation Project, the Natural Science Foundation of Hunan Province, the Outstanding Innovative Youth Fund of Changsha City, and the”Top Talents of Hunan Agricultural University””Project funding for scientific research.