2021 World Pufferfish Conference held in Nanjing
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   On March 31, the 2021 World Pufferfish Conference with the theme of”Fugu Food, Global Sharing” was held in Nanjing Golden Ingot Hotel. The event consisted of four major sections:the world of dolphins-puffer fish cuisine competition, fresh dolphins benefit the people-puffer fish delicacies to promote consumption, dolphins global-puffer fish industry development conference, and the world of dolphins-puffer fish cuisine nationwide. At the same time, the first working meeting of the fourth session of the Pufferfish Industry Working Committee of the Provincial Catering Industry Association was held, and the new leadership group of the Pufferfish Committee of the Provincial Association was elected. Zhou Jiannong, part-time vice chairman of the Chinese Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Chairman of the Provincial Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, and Party Secretary Zhou Jiannong, Executive Vice President of the World Chinese Catering Industry Federation Xing Ying, President of China Restaurant Association Han Ming, President of China Fisheries Association Pufferfish Branch Zhu Yongxiang, President of Jiangsu Service Outsourcing Association Li Junyi, Deputy Director of Nanjing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau Yao Chuanwei, Provincial Federation of Overseas Chinese Cultural Exchange Minister Lu Jing, Deputy Secretary-General of Jiangsu Overseas Friendship Association Hu Hengsuo, Provincial Party Committee United Front Work Department Economic Division second-level investigator Tang Yongqi, President of Jiangsu Catering Industry Association Yu Xue Rong, etc., as well as leaders of overseas Chinese delegations from Japan, South Korea, Australia, Russia, Canada, the United States, Norway, Hungary, and the United Kingdom, representatives of overseas Chinese, and heads of puffer fish breeding, processing, sales, catering service units, and local catering industry associations total 130 Many guests attended the conference, and nearly 110,000 people from more than 40 countries and regions participated in the live broadcast online.

At the    conference, Chairman Zhou believed that the pufferfish is another beautiful business card in Jiangsu. Ancient literati and scholars competed to recite, and contemporary overseas Chinese from five continents promoted the world. This conference will carry out a series of exhibition and promotion activities, highlighting the unique charm of Huaiyang cuisine, reflecting the open and inclusive Jiangsu style, and can also use the cuisine to warm the homesickness of the vast number of overseas Chinese. Chairman Zhou stated that it is the cultural responsibility of the Federation of Overseas Chinese to promote regional culture and tell Jiangsu stories well. The Provincial Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese deepened the cooperation with the Provincial Catering Association and other organizations to jointly promote the overseas promotion plan of Chinese food. It established 6 overseas promotion bases for Chinese food culture, 60 Chinese food culture promotion centers at home and abroad, and hired 60 Chinese food culture promotion envoys; successfully held It also held the Global Chinese Catering Industry Leaders Summit, the Classic Huaiyang Cuisine Overseas Promotion Seminar, and the Chinese Food Summit Forum. Especially when the overseas epidemic is spreading, we will jointly launch a series of activities such as the”Medicine and Food Homology, Healthy Life” Huaiyang cuisine video display, the Global Overseas Chinese Online Cooking Competition, and the Spring Festival Sun Festival for Overseas Chinese to evoke the anti-epidemic with cultural tension.的合力. Chairman Zhou pointed out that it is the unremitting pursuit of the Federation of Overseas Chinese to gather overseas Chinese and serve them. It will aim at the needs and expectations of overseas Chinese, and continuously enrich the content of the theme activity of”Family China·Charming Jiangsu” and support more Jiangsu cultural business cards. Going to the world and enriching the spiritual life of overseas Chinese with high-quality culture; will use Huaiyang cuisine as a link to build more platforms for mutual learning between Chinese and foreign cultures, improve overseas Chinese cuisine cooking technology, promote Chinese cuisine innovation and cooperation, and enhance the international reputation of Chinese cuisine; rely on overseas Chinese groups, Channels such as overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese media, overseas Chinese schools, three-dimensional display of Jiangsu’s cultural image, making Jiangsu food stories more colorful and flavorful.

At the    conference, President Xing stated that the World Chinese Catering Industry Federation has been in close contact with Jiangsu Federation of Overseas Chinese and Jiangsu Catering Association to implement the”Chinese Food Prosperity Plan” with catering as a carrier , To speak Chinese history well, spread Chinese culture, elaborate culinary characteristics, strengthen regional exchanges, and enhance the international image of Chinese cuisine. President Xing believes that the holding of the 2021 World Pufferfish Conference and a series of events will surely promote the brand image of Jiangsu cuisine at a higher level, a wider range and a wider field.

  In the conference, President Han, on behalf of the China Hotel Association, congratulated the successful convening of the 2021 World Pufferfish Conference. Chairman Han believes that pufferfish is a characteristic of Jiangsu cuisine, and the pufferfish industry chain coordination and supply chain integration should be further strengthened, and the demand side should be studied to promote supply-side structural reforms to help increase the brand value of pufferfish and promote the high-quality development of the pufferfish industry.

  In the conference, on behalf of the Jiangsu Catering Industry Association, Chairman Yu sincerely thanked leaders at all levels, overseas Chinese delegations from various countries, local associations, puffer industry chain units and practitioners, and Nanjing The care, guidance and support given by Jinyuanbao Hotel Group to the development of the pufferfish business. Chairman Yu said that the 2021 World Pufferfish Conference will successively launch a series of activities to open the China Huaiyang Cuisine Grand Appreciation of Pufferfish Food National Tour, and launch the Pufferfish culture to benefit overseas Chinese activities, let the world fall in love with the Chinese taste, and let the people experience the delicious taste of pigfish. The new Jiangsu brand is on the tip of the tongue, boosting consumption and helping the high-quality development of the puffer fish business.

  In the conference, Jiang Nan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Gold Foil Holding Group, on behalf of Gold Foil Group and Gold Ingot Hotel Group, wished the 2021 World Pufferfish Conference a complete success. Secretary Jiang introduced that Nanjing Gold Foil Holding Group is one of the five largest gold foil production centers in the world, China’s largest real gold foil production base, China’s gold foil hometown, national intangible cultural heritage heritage protection base, and Huiqiao base. The group adheres to”Let the world shine”The purpose is to realize the simultaneous development of diversified and tertiary industries while inheriting the main business of gold foil, and make unremitting efforts to establish a century-old enterprise.

At the conference, Liu Dayong, assistant to the president of Jiangsu Zhongyang Group, believed that the pufferfish is a cultured fish, a nutritious fish, and a characteristic aquatic product with industrial value. Zhongyang Group has made unremitting efforts for more than 30 years, scientific and technological research, and completed all links of scientific breeding of obscured puffer fish, meeting market demand. Replacing catching with breeding and replacing wild catching with breeding is a specific action to implement the spirit of the important instructions of the General Secretary of the Yangtze River to ban catching and retreat; implement”one fish, one label and one code” to ensure that the source and destination of the breeding of obscured puffer fish can be traced. Checkable and accountable are effective measures to ensure food safety, meet consumer demand, and distinguish between wild pufferfish and other species of pufferfish.

During the    conference, the finals of the World of Pork Flavour-Fugu Food Cooking Competition was held. After the preliminary selection, 12 teams entered the finals, and the classic fugu dishes were produced on the spot. , Puffer fish creative cuisine, senior puffer fish cooking master, puffer fish cuisine creative master and other awards. The puffer fish delicacies to promote consumption, puffer fish delicacy nationwide activities were released, and the puffer fish industry development conference was held. Awarded to Yang Zhenhua, He Baicai, and Zhu Yongxiang pufferfish career meritorious persons, and awarded to Shao Xiangcai, Kong Qingpu, Li Bingcheng, Xu Quan, Wang Shiping, Li Shunlin, Ren Jianxin pufferfish culinary meritorious persons, Nanjing Jinyuanbao Hotel became the China Jiangsu pufferfish cuisine research and development training center.

After the    conference, a puffer fish beauty food appraisal event was held. The chairman of Nanjing Jinyuanbao Hotel Group Wang Jian gave a welcome speech, and President Zhang Yuzhong personally directed the puffer fish delicacy and gold leaf culture. The combination of performing arts, combining traditional pufferfish techniques with local flavors, presents a gourmet feast and cultural festival integrating taste, vision and hearing for the guests. Representatives of overseas Chinese leaders Wu Weidong, Wang Ning and other representatives interacted with the guests on the puffer fish culture.