2020 under the epidemic:annual hot events in the fruit and vegetable industry
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   At the beginning of 2020, a sudden epidemic swept the world, and all walks of life were forced to press the pause button. At the same time, some industries have sprung up amidst changes, starting the process of accelerating change.

   In 2020, under the circumstance of the epidemic, the fruit and vegetable industry has experienced an unprecedented test. From the forced suspension of the wholesale market at the beginning of the year to the explosion of fresh food e-commerce, fruit and vegetable practitioners quickly adjusted their channels amid the rapid changes and started a self-help mode.
   This year, although the domestic epidemic has been brought under control and prevention and control has become normal, the economy and consumption have shown a downward trend, and fruit prices have also been on a roller coaster. A large number of local fruits were unsold at the beginning of the year, and in the second half of the peak sales season, they finally sold out many popular categories. Imported fruit was stagnant and tepid from the beginning, and finally won a round with cherries at the end of the year.
   Facing the brand-new 2021, in the past year, what touching events have happened in the fruit and vegetable industry? According to the news click rate, International Fruit and Vegetable has counted the most popular reports in the past year, and selected the following annual hot events:
  Annual hot 1:Impact of the epidemic
   February:Affected by the epidemic, the global agricultural product supply chain faces challenges
  March:transactions in various regions have started one after another, and fruit prices have generally stabilized and rebounded
  April:Under the global epidemic, fruit exports may encounter difficulties
  May:In-Depth Report|In the post-epidemic era, who will save the depressed fruit market?
   June:How big is the impact of the new outbreak? The status quo of Shanghai Huizhan and Guangzhou Jiangnan market is announced
  July:A large number of seasonal fruits are on the market, and fruit prices in June dropped by nearly 30%year-on-year
  August:Xinfadi market is fully upgraded and officially resumed after 63 days of closure
  November:Imported cold chain foods must provide a disinfection certificate when they are listed, and imported fruits are also included
  Annual Hot 2:Customs Smuggling
   June:More than 50 tons of counterfeit foreign brand lemons were seized and destroyed by the customs
  July:”Li Gui” is currently in effect, the customs seized another 2 tons of counterfeit foreign brand lemons
   August:Guangxi Customs destroys over 18 tons of smuggled durians and will be turned into organic fertilizer
  September:Guangxi Customs once again destroyed 49 tons of smuggled durian and arrested 5 persons involved in the case
  October:A smuggling case of over 1 billion yuan reappeared in the nut import market
  October:Customs cracked down on fruit smuggling in border trade, 10 customs anti-smuggling bureaus launched a centralized network collection operation
  Annual Hot 3:E-commerce & Retail
   February:Dingdong’s orders for grocery shopping soared by 80%. Fresh food e-commerce supply exceeds demand under the epidemic
  May:The latest report of the International Fruit and Vegetable Market Association:E-commerce develops rapidly during the epidemic
   October:News:Shanghai Yiguo, Yunxiang Supply Chain and Anxianda Voluntary Bankruptcy and Reorganization
  October:debt of 859 million yuan, Yonghui Supermarket’s equity company Shangshu Yonghui filed for bankruptcy and liquidation
  December:Two ministries and commissions introduced the”Nine Musts” of community group buying, and low-price dumping and monopoly are strictly prohibited
  December:The fresh food track is heating up again:Yonghui Supermarket’s Caishixian has received 1 billion investment, and JD’s 700 million US dollars recharge is prosperous.
  Annual Hot 4:Cong Jiang Garlic Market
   February:Garlic prices in many countries climbed to new highs under the influence of the new crown epidemic
   April:Early-maturing garlic goes on the market, and the price trend is weak
  April:Ginger exports grow against the trend, and foreign prices rise
  May:The price of garlic fell for four consecutive weeks, with a maximum drop of over 50%
  June:Onion domestic prices plummeted, foreign demand is strong
   November:The price of green onions takes off, soaring twice in ten days
   November:219,100 tons of garlic were exported in November, setting a new record in 12 years
  Annual Hot 5:Brand Hotspot
   February:Sunshine Jinguo was illegally introduced into China and the verdict was pronounced, and Jiapei was awarded $15 million in compensation
   February:Jiapei changed its logo and launched a new brand image
  June:Wal-Mart launches new Sweeki kiwis this season, all channels are on sale simultaneously
  November:Chilean cherries-care about every moment of health!
  December:Asia International Fruit and Vegetable Fair:See you in Hong Kong in 2021
  December:The first container of Italian kiwifruit Jingold arrives this season, the supply is in short supply, and the supply in the Chinese market is stable
  Annual Hot 6:Import and Export Policy
  March:The first phase of the Sino-US trade agreement has achieved initial results, and the US nectarine”breaks the deadlock” and is allowed to export to China
  April:US Department of Agriculture approved the import of five types of citrus from China
  May:General Administration of Customs’ National Imported Fruit Access List Update (May 15) U.S. blueberries and Chilean citrus complete access
  July:General Administration of Customs’ National Imported Fruit Access List Update (July 6) Indonesia Pitaya and Cambodian Mango complete access
   December:Tax reduction! Tariffs on these imported fruits will be lowered from January 1st
  Annual Hot 7:Hot Fruits
  January:Thailand’s durian exports soared, triggering an increase in domestic planting area
  January:Japan has also sold fruit at sky-high prices. This time it’s a strawberry for RMB 900.
  April:The litchi season starts, and Lingshui, Hainan”tops out”
  May:California cherries season officially launched, Shanghai and Guangzhou successively arrived
  August:The domestic durian market continues to be hot, with imports exceeding 10 billion durians in the first half of the year
  August:Domestic sunshine rose gradually becomes popular
  October:Hainan’s coconut production declined and prices rose sharply
  October:11 million yuan lifts the mystery of Ruixiang red apples, the conversion price of new domestic varieties of apples hits a new high
  December:The first shipment of Chilean cherries arrived at Hong Kong on the evening of the 12th and hit the opening scene of Jiangnan Market.
  December:Kissabel red apples land in China for the first time