Ziyang:Investigated 308 cases and fined 868,300 yuan! Crack down on counterfeit and shoddy food in rural areas
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  Ziyang City’s market supervision system resolutely implements the central, provincial, and municipal government’s series of deployments on strengthening the control of counterfeit and shoddy food in rural areas, with”Spring Thunder Action 2021″ and the cold chain logistics epidemic Prevention and control enforcement actions are the starting point to standardize the order of the rural food market and safeguard the health and legal rights of the people.

  Strengthen organizational leadership

  Established a special action leading group, held a spring thunder action arrangement and deployment meeting and work promotion meeting, developed a sub-program for combating rural counterfeit and shoddy food law enforcement actions, and clarified the responsible units, target tasks And rectify key content, tighten and compact work responsibilities, and promote special law enforcement actions pragmatically and efficiently.

  Strengthen supervision and inspection

   takes the urban-rural fringe and township food wholesalers, small restaurants, small supermarkets and small shops around campuses, and small food production and processing workshops as key areas, and focuses on claims of special functions General food,”three-no” food,”counterfeit” food, trademark infringing food, low-quality food, expired food and other key content, supervise and urge operators to strictly implement food safety management systems such as purchase inspection, certification and ticketing, and sales records.

  Strengthen case investigation

  Intensify the supervision of rural food, severely crack down on illegal additions, production and sale of counterfeit food, three nos, inferior quality, and over-the-shelf-life food, etc., and comprehensively investigate counterfeit and shoddy food Hidden risks, clues, behaviors. Effectively expand the influence and radiation of the”Spring Thunder 2021″ law enforcement action. Up to now, the city has investigated and handled a total of 308 cases of rural counterfeit and shoddy food violations, fined 868,300 yuan, transferred 1 suspected criminal case, and the public security organs have opened the case for investigation.