Zhuzhou City Market Supervision Bureau strictly controls food safety during the Spring Festival
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   In order to implement the spirit of the epidemic prevention and control work conference during the special action of”Annual Pass Guard (2021)”, on February 9, Peng Aiyun, a member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, led a team to supervise some large-scale agricultural markets in the city. The “New Year’s Eve Dinner” undertakes the implementation of catering units responsible for epidemic prevention and control and food safety.
  The inspection team visited the Xiangyun Farmer’s Market and the Xihai Farmer’s Market to check carefully whether the imported cold chain food in the market holds the”Customs Import Goods Declaration Form”,”Inbound Goods Inspection and Quarantine Certificate”, and”New Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Test Passed””Four certificates” such as”Certificate” and”Disinfection Certificate”. At the same time, check whether there are illegal wildlife trades in the market, the sale of illegally caught fish and products in the Yangtze River Basin, and the use of words such as”wild Yangtze River fish” and”wild river fresh” to carry out business activities and other illegal activities.
   Subsequently, the inspection team randomly inspected a catering unit that undertakes”New Year’s Eve dinner”, and inspected the catering unit’s food purchase ledger, certificate and ticket requests, and imported cold chain food management and anti-catering waste. The site requires the”New Year’s Eve dinner” catering units to implement the main responsibility for food safety, and earnestly implement various prevention and control measures formulated by the state for epidemic prevention, to ensure that the diners can eat at ease and eat safely.
   The overall situation of the inspection is good, but individual batches of imported cold chain food stored in the cold storage of individual merchants in the Xiangyun Farmer’s Market have the problem of incomplete”four certificates”. The inspection team immediately requested rectification and assigned the local market supervision department to follow up. (Contribution:Zhuzhou City Market Supervision Bureau)