Zhuzhou City Market Supervision Bureau launches special inspections on food safety of central kitchens and group meal delivery units
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   Recently, the Zhuzhou City Market Supervision Bureau conducted supervision and inspection of the city’s central kitchens and group meal distribution units, and further strengthened the investigation of hidden food safety hazards in key places, key varieties and key links , Supervise and implement the main responsibility.

The    inspection team spot-checked the raw material warehouse, cold storage, food processing and production area, packaging room, tableware washing room, and sample room of the central kitchen and group meal distribution unit , Inspection rooms and other places, focusing on inspection of license management, information disclosure, system management, personnel management, environmental sanitation, raw material control, processing and production process, facilities and equipment and maintenance, cleaning and disinfection of tableware, and inspection of imported cold chain food raw materials , Request for certificate and ticket, inspection and quarantine, disinfection certificate, etc. For the problems found in the inspection, the inspection team requires them to rectify and improve within a time limit. At the same time, they require the relevant person in charge to further implement the main responsibility for food safety, improve the level of food safety hardware and software management, and in the cold chain food procurement, loading, unloading, and storage links, Familiar with relevant requirements, strictly implement prevention and control measures such as retrospective management, nucleic acid testing and preventive disinfection, strictly prevent and control the hidden dangers of epidemic risks, and build a strong line of defense.

   At present, the city bureau has supervised and inspected 8 central kitchens and group meal distribution units in the city, and checked and corrected 19 food safety hazards, all of which have been rectified. . In the next step, the Municipal Bureau will continue to strengthen regulations and supervision through daily supervision and inspection, special inspections, etc., to effectively improve the level of food safety protection of specific catering service providers in the city, and to protect the people’s”safety on the tip of the tongue”.