Zhongshan Market Supervision Bureau highlights the”four key points” to ensure food safety during the Spring Festival
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   In order to actively respond to the call of”Chinese New Year in situ” and do a good job in ensuring food safety during the Spring Festival, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has recently highlighted the”four key points” to organize food safety supervision and inspections during the Spring Festival, and has successively inspected electronic technology Sun Yat-sen College of University, Nanlang Zuobu Village Scenic Area, Shiqi Lao Zhangxi Food Square and other Internet celebrity restaurants, led by Deng Yulin, a second-level investigator of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, carried out supervision and inspection, sinking the front line and strictly grasping food safety during the festival And epidemic prevention and control work to fully guarantee the safety of catering and food during the Spring Festival.
   1. Highlight key places. Focus on food safety inspections at stations, high-speed service areas, tourist attractions, key business districts, Internet celebrity restaurants, and other consumer-intensive places, and strictly ensure the safety of meals in college canteens where left-behind students are located. A total of 186 units of various types were inspected and 58 cases of potential violations were handled.
   2. Highlight key risks. Focus on the investigation and remediation of outstanding risks and hidden dangers such as imported cold chain food, wet rice noodles, self-made wine, and puffer fish.
   Three, highlight key links. Focus on strengthening the supervision of key links such as food procurement, storage, raw and cold food processing, and personnel health management for catering units, and focus on guiding catering units to implement epidemic prevention and control requirements, to scan codes for temperature measurement, provide”public spoons and chopsticks”, and advocate civilization Dining.
   Fourth, highlight key issues. Strengthen guarantees for major events during the Spring Festival, and send law enforcement personnel to the site to ensure the safety of food supply during the Spring Festival; strengthen the monitoring of online catering during the Spring Festival, promptly investigate and remove online catering units during the Spring Festival, and carry out online catering monitoring 908 Home.
  During the Spring Festival, with the unremitting efforts of market regulators, we have fully guaranteed local residents’ consumption during the Chinese New Year. The safety of catering and food in the city is generally stable, and no food safety incidents have occurred. (Contributed by Food and Catering Safety Supervision and Management Section)