Zhenjiang City Market Supervision Bureau takes multiple measures to strengthen the traceability management of imported cold chain food
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  Recently, in the cold storage and supermarkets in Zhenjiang, there has been an eye-catching”Imported Cold Chain Food Information Bulletin” with a blue background. The publicized information includes:company name, imported cold chain food catalog, imported cold chain food traceability code , The province’s imported cold chain food supervision warehouse exit certificate, customs entry certificate, inspection and quarantine certificate, disinfection certificate, nucleic acid test negative report, consumption reminder, complaint and reporting telephone, etc., to ensure that enterprise employees, supervisors, and consumers can Obstacles to obtaining public information also force relevant imported cold chain food business units to do a good job in the traceability management of imported cold chain food.
   In addition to setting up a bulletin board, the Zhenjiang Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has also taken a number of measures to trace the entire process of imported cold chain food. First, all food producers and operators and third-party cold storages involved in the storage, production, circulation and sales of imported cold-chain foods, and catering will be brought under supervision. Organize cold chain food practitioners to learn imported cold chain epidemic prevention and control training videos, carry out cold chain food production and operation new crown virus prevention and control technology guide, disinfection technology guide training and Jiangsu cold chain electronic traceability system training, supervise and promote cold chain food production and operation Refrigerators and third-party cold storages focus on self-inspection of the main responsibilities of food safety and the implementation of various prevention and control measures such as purchase inspection, inventory management, temperature control, cleaning and disinfection, and personnel health management, so as to eliminate hidden dangers in a timely manner. The second is to promote the use of”Jiangsu Cold Chain”. According to the traceability requirements of imported cold chain food, the”four should be done”, that is, the main body of the enterprise should enter all the information, the enterprise information should be recorded, the food information should be transmitted, and the cold storage should be fully prepared to check the source , Understand the flow direction, and realize the full traceability. The third is to strictly implement the”four must not”. On the one hand, highlight the daily inspections of agricultural batch markets, farmer’s markets, third-party cold storage, supermarkets, catering service units, and food production companies. Those without inspection and quarantine certificates shall not be marketed; those without nucleic acid test reports shall not be marketed; Those with a disinfection certificate shall not be sold on the market; those without traceability information shall not be sold on the market. At the same time, strictly legal responsibilities, for non-cooperating with centralized supervision, non-warehouse inspection and disinfection, non-use of”Jiangsu cold chain”, non-request for certificates, non-zoned storage, etc., we will strictly follow relevant regulations and strictly post-dispose and incorporate them into the integrity system. , To implement joint disciplinary action; if the epidemic spreads, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.