Zhejiang Pujiang issued an emergency notice:looking for people who contacted the county’s steaks
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  Pujiang County New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters
   Urgent Notice
   At 20 o’clock on February 12, 2021, the county epidemic prevention and control headquarters transferred information from the superior to assist in the investigation. A batch of pre-prepared steak outer packaging using New Zealand beef as raw material was tested positive for the new crown virus. In order to prevent and control the epidemic and protect the health of the people, we hereby urgently announce the relevant matters as follows:
   1. After investigation, this batch of steaks involved in the epidemic was produced by Zhejiang Chubao Food Co., Ltd., and the production license number is SC11133050201353, and the production date is January 18, 2021. The batch of disease-related steaks that flowed into our county was purchased by Frozen Wholesale No. 1-2 (Pujiang Fengjing Frozen Food Co., Ltd.), District D, Pujiang County Agricultural Batch Market. The total number is 5 pieces, 100 packs, 40 kg, and 72 have been sold. package. Our county quickly initiated emergency response, adopted centralized quarantine measures for business employees, sealed up the remaining epidemic-related steaks of the business, suspended business operations and performed terminal disinfection, and performed nucleic acid on business employees, the internal and external environment of the business, and the epidemic-related steaks. Sampling, testing, and testing results were all negative. At the same time, emergency investigations were carried out on citizens who purchased the batch of steaks involved in the epidemic, and home health observations and nucleic acid tests were carried out on those who have been investigated.
   2. Anyone who bought this batch of steaks involved in the epidemic at Frozen Wholesale Store No. 1-2 (Pujiang Fengjing Frozen Food Firm) in Area D of the Agricultural Batch Market of Pujiang County from January 28 to February 12, 2021 Personnel, please immediately seal up the remaining infected steaks and undiscarded outer packaging, consciously implement home health observations, report to the village (community) or unit where they are located at the first time, and accept nucleic acid testing according to the notification requirements of the village (community) or unit. During the home health observation period, if symptoms such as fever, cough, or diarrhea occur, they should promptly report to the village (community) or unit where they are located, and do not seek medical treatment by themselves. If any concealment is not reported, the relevant personnel will be held accountable according to law once the consequences are caused.
  3. The employees of this firm watched a movie in the 6th row, 8th seat and 9th seat of Hall 3 of the old local cinema (Pujiang shop) at 6:50 pm on February 12th. Please enter the hall at the same time and later In particular, those who sit next to the above-mentioned seats should report to the village (community) or unit where they are located at the first time, and conduct daily health monitoring.
  4. The general public are requested not to panic, do not believe in or spread rumors, develop good habits such as frequent hand washing, wearing masks, frequent ventilation, and less gathering, and consciously abide by various prevention and control requirements. Please follow the official authoritative release for follow-up development.
  Pujiang County Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia
   Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Headquarters
   February 13, 2021