Zhanjiang Customs strengthens AEO credit certification to boost the stable development of foreign trade in the aquatic industry
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  According to Zhanjiang Customs statistics, in 2020, the customs will adhere to “one enterprise, one policy” and “one industry, one policy” to help enterprises solve the difficulties in the production and operation process. Pain points, blocking points. At present, there are 4 AEO advanced certified companies and 12 general certified companies in the aquatic product industry in Zhanjiang Guan District.

  ”Thank you comrades in the customs for timely relief from difficulties and proactively helping the company to successfully pass the AEO certification. With this certificate, the company’s orders have increased, and it has also been trusted by foreign companies. Confidence in continuing to explore new markets.” said Lin, general manager of Zhanjiang Shuanghu Food Co., Ltd., in 2020, the company’s aquatic product exports increased by about 40%year-on-year.

   In order to support the stable development of aquatic enterprises and enhance international competitive advantages, Zhanjiang Customs adheres to the principle of “talking about policies, sending information, and listening to opinions” and launches special topics on the aquatic industry as soon as possible. Investigate and issue 21 beneficial enterprise measures to help enterprises develop; carry out”one-to-one” credit cultivation for aquatic enterprises, formulate targeted assistance measures, assist enterprises to establish and improve operation management systems, and help enterprise credit upgrade; assign coordinators to guide AEO certified enterprises , Provide customs convenience measures such as priority customs clearance, priority inspection, priority disinfection, unblock trade channels, and improve customs clearance efficiency. In 2020, about 302,000 tons of aquatic products will be imported and exported in Zhanjiang Customs Area.

   Zhanjiang Customs will effectively implement the”Fifteen Measures for Zhanjiang Customs to Support the Development of Advanced Certified Enterprises in Customs Areas”, actively cultivate more aquatic products enterprises to obtain AEO certification qualifications, and build an international The”green channel” of trade facilitates the high-quality development of saliva products.