Zhanjiang City Market Supervision Bureau does not close the Spring Festival random inspections and does not relax the food safety supervision during the festival
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   In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, all localities are guiding the masses in an orderly way to celebrate the New Year. It is particularly important to ensure the quality and safety of market food during the festival. In order to ensure the food safety of the citizens during the festival, the Municipal Market Supervision Administration will perform its duties effectively, deploying and strengthening the sampling inspection of seasonal foods from three aspects, and guarding the safety of citizens’ food during the festival.
   1. Deploy quickly and strengthen random inspections.

In accordance with the spirit of the video and telephone conference on epidemic prevention and control work in the provinces and cities, the city quickly deployed special sampling inspections of rice, oil and other seasonal foods. Through the investigation of hidden risks in key areas, key units, key varieties, key links, etc., Zhanjiang food and drug inspections are organized to carry out supervision and sampling inspections in strict accordance with regulations and procedures, strengthen food sampling inspections during festivals, and spare no effort to protect the masses””Rice bag”,”vegetable basket” and”meat shelf” are safe.
   2. Highlight key points and strengthen supervision.
  In response to the consumption needs of citizens during the holiday season, focus on key varieties such as grains, oils, meat, eggs, milk, vegetables and fruits, and imported cold chain foods, and formulate corresponding testing plans in supermarkets, farmer’s markets, catering and other business places Carry out sampling inspections of seasonal foods such as edible agricultural products and kitchen raw materials, increase the inspection items and frequency of high-risk varieties, and effectively play the role of quick inspection risk prevention.
  3. Prompt disposal to ensure safety.
  Market supervision departments at all levels intensified supervision and inspection efforts, and strengthened the follow-up and follow-up treatment of unqualified foods in quick inspection. If any food with unqualified test results is found, sellers will be required to immediately stop selling, deal with them according to procedures, and report to the local market supervision department in time to jointly ensure the quality and safety of market food during the Spring Festival.