Zhangzhou City Market Supervision Bureau and Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau jointly held a meeting with suppliers of white striped poultry
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  At the beginning of the New Year, the Zhangzhou City Market Supervision Bureau focused on people’s livelihood issues, and worked harder to implement the white striped poultry work in the central city. On February 22, 2021, the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau met with the designated white striped slaughter company and Baitiao poultry suppliers in the main city, Xiangcheng District, Longwen District, and the Food Safety Office of the High-tech Zone attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates.
   At the meeting, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau notified the recent supervision and supervision of white striped poultry, and explained the newly upgraded white striped poultry”one product, one code” traceability system, and instructed wholesalers to enter the system for sales by scanning the QR code Entry information.
   White striped poultry suppliers and designated slaughter companies introduced the recent market supply situation, and put forward next steps and suggestions.
    芗城, Longwen, and the High-tech Zone Market Supervision Bureau (Food Safety Office) leaders reported on the work of Baitiao Poultry in their jurisdiction and put forward work suggestions.
   Director Zhu Dongfeng proposed the next stage of white striped poultry supply and supervision requirements
   First, we must strengthen publicity. The territorial government and various departments should actively publicize the advantages and significance of live poultry slaughter, centralized quarantine, and white striped poultry in the central city, guide consumers to change their consumption habits, and allow the masses to accept cold meat more quickly.
  Second, supply should be optimized. The Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs shall take the lead in coordinating various departments, territories, slaughter companies, and wholesalers to study and formulate hot fresh meat supply plans, and strive to provide the people with food safety, high-quality and inexpensive white striped poultry.
   Third, we must strengthen supervision. The district government and various departments shall carry out joint inspections to form a long-term supervision mechanism, and promptly transfer the illegal clues discovered to the relevant departments for investigation and punishment, and urge market developers and operators to effectively perform their main responsibilities through penalties and deterrents. Speed ​​up the installation of video surveillance at the entrances and exits of farmer’s markets and Baitiao poultry sales booths and access to smart supervision systems.