Zero food safety incidents during the 2021 Spring Festival in Qingyuan
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   During the Spring Festival of 2021, the food safety supervision departments at the city, county, and town levels in our city will not relax their efforts in epidemic prevention and control and food safety supervision, and will exchange their heart for the people’s peace of mind, and pass the customs in exchange for the people’s holiday. Go all out to reassure the people over the New Year, achieve zero food safety incidents, and create a happy and peaceful atmosphere. According to statistics, from February 11 to 17, the city’s market supervision system dispatched 1,142 law enforcement personnel, inspected 2,177 business households, 863 food production and business units, and inspected 21 tourist attractions, including shopping malls, supermarkets, and supermarkets. There were 519 bazaars, 4 e-commerce platforms and network operators were inspected, and 42 rural collective dinners were instructed. The city’s food safety was stable and orderly, various food supplies were sufficient and prices were stable, and no food safety incidents occurred in the city. , Has not received major public opinion information concerning food safety. Mainly take the following measures:
   1. Strengthen organizational leadership. Before New Year’s Day, the Municipal Food Safety Office issued the “Notice on Doing a Good Job in Food Safety during the New Year’s Day 2021 and the Spring Festival”, and deployed all counties (cities, districts) and member units of the Municipal Food Safety Commission to prevent and control the epidemic and food during the holiday season. Before the Spring Festival, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau issued the”Notice on Carrying out Market Safety Supervision Inspection and Duty Preparation during the Spring Festival in 2021″, and comprehensively arranged the city-wide system inspection, duty preparation, and emergency response during the Spring Festival. During the Spring Festival, the organization of epidemic prevention and control and market supervision is strong, strict and orderly.
   2. Strengthen epidemic prevention and control. In accordance with the”Ten Must” Regulations for the Prevention and Control of the New Coronavirus Epidemic in Imported Cold-chain Food Cold Storage, we will strengthen supervision and inspection of the epidemic prevention and control of imported cold-chain food cold storage, implement nucleic acid testing, and strengthen personnel management. As of February 17, the city had completed 13,649 copies of nucleic acid testing personnel involved in imported frozen meat products and aquatic products, 11,788 copies of products, and 16,561 copies of the environment, a total of 41998 copies, all of which were negative. In accordance with the requirements of “Four Strengths and One Promotion”, we will continue to implement farmer’s market personnel management and environmental sanitation management, maintain a 100%scanning rate in the past seven days, and maintain an average scanning rate of 100%for employees in direct contact with cold storage cold chains in the past seven days. The nucleic acid detection rate of employees in daily cold storages who are in direct contact with imported cold chain food is 100%, and the city’s 171 markets are cleaned and disinfected every day. The Lianzhou City Imported Cold Chain Food Emergency Centralized Supervision Zone was completed and put into use before the Spring Festival and it was effective.
   Third, strengthen supervision and inspection. Focus on foods that are consumed during festivals such as edible oil, pastries, alcohol, meat and meat products, and health foods as the key inspection products. Focus on urban catering consumption areas, tourist attractions, bazaars, and online sales, and wholesale Markets, large supermarkets, and places where the masses are concentrated during festivals are key places. Market supervision departments at the city and county levels are led by bureau leaders to carry out law enforcement inspections every day to conduct inspections on food safety management, production and operation environment, product quality, and requirements of each unit. Inspection of certificates, invoices, account management and other items to urge enterprises to fulfill their main responsibilities. Special random inspections were carried out for food safety during the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival. A total of 145 batches of random inspections were conducted at the city level, and all counties (cities, districts) also organized special random inspections.
  Four. Strengthen on duty. The market supervision department implements a”double-duty” system. One group is responsible for being on duty in the office, and the other is responsible for market inspections to strictly prevent safety accidents in the field of market supervision. An emergency response team has also been established. Once a food safety incident occurs, the first time Respond, be present at the first time, and deal with it at the first time.
   5. Strengthen publicity and education. By holding press conferences, using radio, television, websites, text messages, WeChat and other platforms to popularize knowledge of epidemic prevention and control, scientific dietary knowledge, timely release of consumption warnings, advocate healthy eating styles, and guide consumers to rational and scientific consumption. Safe consumption.