Yumen City Market Supervision Administration strictly inspects and manages food safety during the Lantern Festival
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   In order to ensure that the people of the city enjoy a peaceful and joyful Lantern Festival, the Yumen City Market Supervision and Administration has concentrated its law enforcement forces to organize the Lantern Festival in key places such as shopping malls, supermarkets, large and medium-sized catering service units, and farmers’ markets. Special inspection of food safety.
   First, it is important to check whether the logo of prepackaged food is authentic, whether the main ingredients and content of the food are indicated, whether the production date and expiration date are indicated, and resolutely combat the unauthorized replacement of prepackaged food, tampering with the production date and shelf life, and sales expiration Deteriorating food and other illegal activities; the second is to check whether the operator’s business license is true and valid, to check the implementation of the certificate and ticket request, the purchase inspection record system, and the health management system of food practitioners, to strengthen the operator’s awareness of the main responsibility, and to ensure that the purchase channel is regular. Resolutely prevent the Lantern Festival from unidentified production channels from flowing into the market in the jurisdiction; the third is to check whether the bulk Lantern Festival freezer is sealed to store refrigerated food, whether the temperature of the storage equipment and facilities meets the refrigeration requirements, and the hygienic condition of the bulk Lantern Festival sales tools and containers, etc. Important information is checked, and if the business conditions are not met, immediate rectification shall be ordered; fourth, for complaints and reports due to incomplete food packaging markings, weighing and measurement questions, etc., the supervisory personnel of the jurisdiction shall be assigned to the scene as soon as possible to deal with them in accordance with laws and regulations. Ensure that the market order is stable and orderly.
   As of now, a total of 108 food sales operators have been inspected, 6 bazaars have been inspected, 24 operators have been instructed to regulate purchase and sales accounts (times), 5 complaints have been accepted, and the settlement rate has been handled. , Satisfaction rate is 100%. During the holiday season, Yumen City Bureau will further special law enforcement inspections to strictly prevent hidden food safety hazards and ensure food safety for the broad masses of people.

Source:Yumen City Market Supervision Administration