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   I am very happy to have this opportunity to share with you. In 2020, all Chinese people and Chinese companies have experienced an unprecedented storm. Every one of us here All of them have deep feelings, and China Feihe also felt the power on this shoulder like everyone else, and as always, adversity, shouldering the responsibility and responsibility of national dairy enterprises.

  In the latter part of the epidemic, the Chinese market took the lead to recover, and consumer confidence boosted
Yu Weiqing, General Manager of Feihe Brand Strategy Department:China Feihe Brand Buildingimage
   These two charts fully illustrate the changes in the market and people’s hearts, as well as the increase in consumer confidence. From an industry perspective, the country’s infant formula milk powder has also undergone some changes during this period, but all colleagues of infant formula milk powder, in the past time, hundreds of thousands of people have jointly completed a great goal to save China The baby’s rations have achieved a new surpass in 2020. Because of our persistent pursuit of the brand, because of the unremitting efforts of all Chinese dairy industry people, including the leadership of government regulatory agencies, the support of industry associations, and the support of media friends, we have gradually won the confidence of Chinese consumers, which is more confident than gold More importantly, we have done this in the past ten years and we believe that we will be able to do better in the future.

   In this process, the trilogy that Feihe played a decisive role in is fast, accurate and ruthless. The epidemic broke out at the beginning of the year. Feihe is one of the representatives of traditional entities. In the process of dealing with the crisis, we will review the situation and make changes in strategy, organizational structure, supply chain, etc., and more importantly, carry out fruitful explorations on digital transformation. The distribution rate of Feihe products still reaches 98%in the epidemic, ranking first in 2020 The quarterly revenue growth rate is not less than 30%. These two data demonstrate the power of Feihe’s digital empowerment. Relying on the advantages of transparency, realism, and freedom from physical space in online operations, Feihe quickly transforms traditional business models, accurately finds connections with users, customizes a comprehensive protection system for mothers and infants, and actively promotes online and offline integrated consumption Two-way speed increase to achieve dual growth of online and offline share and the same frequency resonance of multiple sales channels. Feihe has always insisted on putting quality first, in the spirit of dedication, professionalism, and constantly refreshing the brand image of China’s infant milk powder. Brand recognition and purchasing power have been greatly improved. These are all very worthwhile. happy. Not only Feihe, all companies are contacting users and consumers through various methods, so that babies can continue to feed, so that babies can eat his rations and his original brand at the most critical moment. This is the pride of all people in the dairy industry, and this is also the promise of all Chinese infant formula milk powder to all society during this pandemic.

   Stay in awe as much as possible. China Feihe has donated a total of 200 million yuan in donations
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   lays a solid foundation for the”Made in China” dairy industry in the new era. It originated from the green mountains of Qiqihar. If you have the opportunity to go there, you will feel the Zhalong Wetland Li Feihe and the red-crowned crane jointly guard the pure and clean, and are also the fresh source of Feihe milk powder. We have rooted in the”golden” milk source belt to create an exclusive industrial cluster of”agriculture, animal husbandry and workers” trinity, realizing the cultivation of forage from the source, The whole process of large-scale dairy cow breeding to production and processing, logistics and warehousing, channel control and even after-sales service is traceable. Everything in the front end is made to be more suitable for the physique of Chinese babies. As a company responsible for China Feihe, as early as the beginning of the epidemic in 2020, it made decisions at the fastest speed. On the second day of the new year, the group donated 100 million yuan to the Chinese Red Cross to establish an anti-epidemic fund; 1 On the 28th, 30 million yuan of funds arrived at the scene of Vulcan Mountain, opened a 24-hour hotline, accepted Hubei milk powder demand and other actions. All these together constituted Feihe’s feedback to the society in the face of the epidemic, so that medical staff can get Better care, and at the same time, more than 100,000 mother groups have received our care and help in time. As a company, fulfilling our social responsibilities should be done well and every step must be done well. In the face of such a disaster, Feihe should not let it go, and should do it better.

   At the same time, Feihe is also more in-depth perception of consumer needs, a clearer perspective of its production and sales links, and more timely adjustment of its own operating arrangements, so that traditional In the business model, the “long” chain becomes “short”, and the “slow” response becomes “fast”. This makes us convinced that Feihe will use the”wings” of data to flutter its wings lighter, and use digitization to represent Feihe’s future.

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   For Feihe, we are doing a lot of meaningful things every year. I am very grateful to the China Dairy Industry Association for joining us in advocating China for three consecutive years. The emotion of baby day is caring. Our Baby Days have been held offline for two consecutive years. This is the third time during the epidemic this year. For the first time, we tried to fully transfer it online, and the effect was very good. In addition, as the leading brand in the industry to occupy the “fresh” keyword, we also carry out “fresh” to the end in our daily activities. In addition to communicating with consumers through our products, we enhance their sense of experience. In terms of value, it also allows all consumers to feel fresh ideas in multiple dimensions. We continue to build our own fresh matrix through our four IPs every year, communicate with consumers through variety shows and parenting concepts, and consumers are used to it. We will go wherever we are, so that it will have a better link with the brand.

   This is the”Fresh By Your Side” cloud traceability activity that was just mentioned in July this year. At that time, it reached the grand occasion of 8 billion exposures on the entire network. We invite our partners to join Feihe’s exclusive industrial cluster to experience the “freshness”. During the one-hour live broadcast, the number of online views reached 180 million. At the same time, Feihe is also doing a lot of fresh attempts. The real, beautiful and diverse Xiaohongshu is a platform that is popular among young people. Feihe conducts a 24-hour live broadcast and leads the industry.

  Multi-domain traffic interaction user trust upgrade
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  From the perspective of marketing, there are more links from the combination of exposure and user loyalty. This mode of operation is an upgrade of brand concentration. In the process of implementation and practice, everyone needs to make consumers feel the temperature and power of the brand at different nodes.

   In the days to come, we will pass on our ingenuity through a clearer brand positioning, always maintain noble products, always be critical, and go Upgrade quality services, better embrace the digital age, and better fulfill social responsibilities.

   was finally given to colleagues in the dairy industry, united as one, learning from each other, and able to work together to promote the further development of China’s dairy industry, create a future for the people, and shoulder the responsibility of the national dairy industry Responsible and build a national brand with a national reputation. I hope to join hands with all the partners present here, and we will create a bright future for China’s dairy industry and continue its brilliance!