Yu Haixia, Vice President of Yipin Dairy:Comply with the consumption upgrade trend and realize the overtaking of domestic infant formula milk powder
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  Yu Haixia, Vice President of Yipin Dairy Group Co., Ltd.
   Dear leaders, colleagues in the industry, and friends online, good morning everyone. The topic I am sharing today is”Follow the trend of consumption upgrades and achieve overtaking on the curve of domestically produced infant milk powder”.
  My report is divided into two parts. The first part is the trend of consumption upgrade. The second part is how to realize the overtaking of domestic milk powder on the curve.
  With the increase in residents’ income and health awareness, the consumption demand for infant powder has increased significantly, and the growth rate of high-end milk powder has increased significantly. The market size and penetration of sub-categories such as pure goat milk powder and organic milk powder are increasing. Dairy companies We are also constantly adjusting product structure and increasing the layout of high-end dairy products. From the perspective of big data, consumers’ shopping choices in 2020 will become more rational, and more and more consumers have shifted from focusing on cost performance to focusing on product quality and consumer service experience. At the same time, the consumption trend of online dairy products shows the characteristics of high-end, healthy, and functional segmentation. How to adapt to this trend and realize the overtaking of domestic milk powder on the curve is as follows.
   Control quality first from the source. The second national standard strictly urges quality improvement. Third, improve independent productivity and research and development capabilities. Fourth, in addition to challenges, there are opportunities under the epidemic. Fifth, strengthen brand building and innovate marketing models.
  As one of the representative industries of food safety, the dairy industry has experienced ups and downs in the past few decades. With the tightening of the national regulatory system, the advancement of industrial production technology, and the continuous upgrading of consumer consumption, China’s dairy products In the process of high-quality development of the industry, increasing efforts to build organic pastures and pastures is also one of the strategies to control the quality of milk.
  The national standard is becoming more and more strict, and the quality and safety supervision of dairy products has been greatly improved. A landmark event in the industry in 2020, the market share of domestic milk powder far exceeds that of imported milk powder, and the consumer level and confidence of domestic milk powder have further improved. It is still a domestic dairy company In terms of quality management, product innovation, marketing services, etc., good products can speak for themselves. Today, the excellent performance of domestic milk powder is the result of peers’ service, continuous surpassing and breakthrough.
  Improve independent productivity and R&D capabilities. In recent years, the proportion of dairy products manufacturers’ self-built milk sources has increased, product R&D capabilities have continued to increase, product structure optimization, and production process improvements are the keys to companies’ competitiveness. On December 12, 2020, the Yipin Beikang series goat milk product production center construction project was officially launched. The total investment of the project is 1 billion yuan, which can process 500 tons of fresh goat milk per day, which greatly enhances the production of goat milk powder. Ability to continuously expand market demand.
  What does the epidemic bring? The epidemic poses a higher challenge to the sales and transportation of imported milk powder. 2020 is a huge test for every company. Milk powder companies are also facing a major reshuffle. Milk powder not only overtakes the car in terms of quality, but also reflects the social responsibility of dairy companies in the epidemic. While practising its internal skills, Yipin Dairy continues its marketing model, strengthens brand building, and helps aerospace feed the future. In 2018, Yipin Dairy became a partner of China’s aerospace industry. In the same year, Yipin Dairy signed a long-term strategic cooperation with Golden Eagle Cartoon, and exclusive naming campaign Not the same, creating a new brand image in all directions.
   In 2019, Yipin Dairy cooperated with high-speed rail to deploy hundreds of stations and thousands of high-speed rails, covering 16 provinces and cities, expanding the brand high-speed rail trains, and ushering in a new era of rapid development of Yipin. A brand new cross-border cooperation between Yipin Dairy and Laoshan Mineral Water. In September 2020, Yipin is positioned in its own product positioning and created a new cross-border cooperation product with Laoshan Mineral Water, creating exclusive milk powder and exclusive brewing for children, middle-aged and elderly people. Water, this cooperation is not limited to authorized IP, but also through the analysis of consumer psychology, starting from production, injecting new vitality into products, innovating product experience, and meeting the actual needs of consumers.
   Douyin live broadcast and Weibo topics, in July 2020, Yipin conducted a large-scale live broadcast of the Tianwai-1 Mars launch through the Douyin platform, achieving simultaneous live broadcasts in 4 locations, and was also on the Douyin hot search on the same day Ranking, in December 2020, Yipin conducted the Chang’e 5 research activity. This activity received strong support from relevant departments and schools. On December 23, Yipin realized the live broadcast on the high-speed train for the first time, with aerospace experts on the train. Popularize aerospace knowledge at zero distance with passengers, which has been recognized and disseminated by the central media and many professional media. While strengthening its brand marketing strategy in 2021, Yipin will conduct in-depth cooperation with Douyin, Weibo and Variety Show, expand and innovate new ideas, and launch the entire network launch of online dramas.
  In emerging channels, more consumers can be reached, and the multi-channel consumption model increases the opportunities for dairy consumption and upgrades, and promotes the development of the dairy industry. Offline channels are also particularly important, especially new milk powder customers who don’t know what to buy. The opinions of maternal and child shop owners are very important. Good customer service in the store is the key to opening new customers. Combining online and offline, innovative consumption patterns will allow more consumers to increase and upgrade dairy consumption and help companies Carry out product sales, promote the quality development of the industry, increase the overall industrial chain layout, meet market demand, strengthen brand promotion, cooperate with offline professional promotion, and use the new retail model and community marketing model to accelerate the refined connection of products and strengthen The market construction of high-end infant formula milk powder and consumption upgrade means that we accelerate product upgrades and continue to consolidate the business development in the field of high-end infant formula milk powder. In 2021, we will contribute to the development of China’s dairy products. Let us cheer together. Thank you.