“Yiyuan Red Apple” Fragrant Drifting at Home and abroad
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  The Spring Festival is approaching, which is the peak season for apple sales. Due to the continued impact of the epidemic, many fruit exports have been blocked, making fruit export companies difficult.
   After learning of the difficulties faced by fruit export enterprises, Zibo Customs immediately dispatched personnel to the orchard to communicate with the enterprises, to check the pulse, and to aim at the difficulties in exporting enterprises, and to “prescribe” with a definite goal. Persist in”making a fuss in the field”, set up a”Technology and Trade Station” research center to guide enterprises in the scientific and rational use of drugs, avoid the detection risk of chlorpyrifos, glyphosate, paraquat and other Thai banned drugs, and sign a memorandum of cooperation with the People’s Government of Yiyuan County. Improve the management of the source of food and agricultural products such as exported fruits, guide the scientific and standardized use of medicines in exported fruit orchards, and efficiently carry out pest monitoring.
   Recently, a batch of 23.7 tons of”Yiyuan Red” fresh apples shipped and exported successfully completed customs clearance procedures in Zibo, Shandong. Zhang Shanquan, Foreign Trade Manager of Shengquan Fruits and Vegetables Co., Ltd. said, “’Yiyuan Red’ apples are crisp and juicy, and they have been selling well. However, in the face of various control measures in different countries, we are very worried about the various information related to pesticides, pests and diseases. Thanks to the timely help of the customs, we can solve the problem so quickly.”
  ”During the epidemic, we actively coordinated the production and shipment plans of the company, guided companies through remote video connection to carry out workshop epidemic prevention and product quality inspection work, provided new requirements for trade country control, and launched a 24-hour laboratory appointment test service , For conditional inspections, the same day inspection, same day inspection, and same day report are implemented to ensure the rapid customs clearance of fruits.” said Sun Qili, Chief of the Second Section of Zibo Customs Inspection. The difficulties encountered by foreign trade enterprises are the direction of our efforts. Zibo Customs further implemented the overall plan to promote the prevention and control of the epidemic and promote the steady growth of foreign trade, focusing on precise service, source control, and technology and trade research to deepen reform and innovation, improve service levels, and expand the”friend circle” of fruit exports in its jurisdiction.
   In 2020, Zibo’s jurisdiction will export a total of 1,3620.8 tons of fruit with a value of 180 million yuan, an increase of 16.2 times and 15.2 times respectively year-on-year, and the export volume hit a record high. (Yin Xiaoyan, Meng Qi/text)