Yiyang City’s food safety sampling inspection rate before the Spring Festival reached 97%
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   A few days ago, the Yiyang City Market Supervision Bureau carried out a one-month”Year Pass Guard (2021)” Spring Festival food safety supervision sampling inspection within the city, a total of 200 batches of 21 major categories of food samples, including 194 batches of samples Qualified, 6 batches of samples failed, and the pass rate was 97%.
   This sampling inspection starts from early January to early February. It focuses on farmer’s markets, supermarkets, production enterprises, food wholesale and retail, etc., with meat products, edible oil, vegetables, edible betel nuts, processed food products, beverages, Frozen food, soy products, alcohol and other edible agricultural products and hot-selling food on festivals are the key objects to carry out supervision and random inspection. At the same time, market supervision law enforcement officers simultaneously carried out food safety supervision and inspection, urged enterprises to strictly implement the main responsibility of food safety, operate in good faith and law-abiding, and resolutely prevent unqualified food from entering the market.
  Yiyang City Market Supervision Bureau has promptly announced the random inspection information on the bureau’s information network, and conducted verification and disposal of unqualified foods found in the random inspections, and transferred suspected crimes or other departmental duties to relevant departments in accordance with the law. (Contribution:Yiyang City Market Supervision Bureau)