Yiyang City Datong Lake District Market Supervision Bureau again reads the”tightening curse” of ban on arrest and withdrawal of arrest
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  ”The sale of wild fish is completely banned, and the words’wild’ Jiangxian’ are strictly prohibited for shop recruitment.” February 4, Datong Lake District Market Supervision Bureau, Yiyang City Interview with 7 market operators and sign a letter of commitment to prohibit the sale of wild fish.
   Since the launch of the”Winter and Spring Offensive” campaign against illegal fishing in January this year, the Market Supervision Bureau of Datong Lake District has increased the publicity and crackdown on the ban on catching and retreating to consolidate The results of ban on arrest and withdrawal of arrest. Posted 750 copies of the”Proposal for the”Ten Years of Prohibition of Fishing in the Yangtze River” from Me” and signed the”Public Commitment for Food Business Entities Not to Sell Wild Catch in Key Waters of the Yangtze River” and”Catering Business Units Not to Do Wild Fishing in Key Waters of the Yangtze River” The 1,500 copies of the Public Commitment of Obtained Objects have further formed the social consensus of”no catching on water, no selling in the market, no restaurants in restaurants, and no food for the people.” At the same time, we launched a special campaign to severely crack down on the sale of illegally caught fish in the Yangtze River Basin, conduct rolling investigations on the recruitment of aquatic product operators and the sales of aquatic products, and coordinate with the public security, agricultural and rural departments to carry out”zero point operations” and”early morning operations” to combat Illegal conduct at night.

   During this interview, the market supervision department of Datong Lake District once again emphasized that each pass must be tightly controlled to ensure that the ban on arrest and withdrawal of arrest will receive long-term results. Any illegal advertisements that are found selling, buying, processing, and consuming illegally caught fish from the Yangtze River and Dongting Lake shall be ordered to be removed and severely investigated; all illegal activities such as purchasing, processing, and operating aquatic products without legal sources shall be strictly investigated and resolute. Cut off the market sales chain.