Xixia Branch of Yinchuan Market Supervision Administration launches special rectification of rural counterfeit and shoddy food
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  In order to strengthen the governance of the problem of counterfeit and shoddy food in rural areas, comprehensively combat the production and operation of counterfeit and shoddy food violations of laws and regulations, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the Xixia Branch of Yinchuan Market Supervision Administration has recently performed market supervision duties in accordance with the law. Organize law enforcement personnel to carry out special rectification actions on the safety of counterfeit and inferior food in rural areas.
   This special rectification focuses on food safety inspections and law enforcement for the main business entities engaged in food production in rural areas, especially rural bazaars and farmers’ markets in urban-rural fringe areas, as well as rural schools, kindergartens, production enterprises, and small workshops. Staff strengthened supervision and inspection and random inspection, strengthened the inspection and disposal of unqualified food and the investigation of hidden dangers, and severely cracked down on all kinds of food violations. During the inspection, law enforcement officers also stepped up efforts to carry out special training, organized the three small industries of rural food, the food director of school kindergarten, and the food production enterprise to carry out centralized training respectively to comprehensively consolidate the effectiveness of special rectification and law enforcement.
   Since January 2021, Xixia Branch has dispatched a total of 30 law enforcement inspectors, inspected 6 farmer’s markets and 45 market operators, regulated 7 business operations; inspected 25 rural shops and catering sales units 8 shops, 2 small workshops, and 1 food safety training; 5 mutton sales merchants in 2 rural markets were inspected, 7 mutton sales self-employed merchants were inspected. So far, 7 rural food-related cases have been handled, 7 cases have been closed, and a total of 221,160 yuan has been fined and confiscated.
   6 platforms including the National 12315 Platform, the Smart Yinchuan 12345 Platform, the Party Affairs Platform, and the 2084315 Complaint and Reporting Hotline received a total of 18 complaints and reports involving consumers in rural areas, all of which have been completed, effectively protecting consumers Legal rights.