Xi’an Market Supervision Bureau held an on-site meeting to strengthen the supervision of cold storage
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   On February 18, the Xi’an Municipal Market Supervision Bureau organized the city’s cold storage enterprise leaders and relevant heads of the district and county supervision bureaus to hold an on-site meeting to strengthen cold storage supervision.

   The conference organized and learned the laws and regulations of imported cold chain food quality and safety supervision and the requirements of the Municipal Bureau to strengthen the prevention and control measures of imported cold chain food. Jinhui Cold Storage, Lingxian Cold Storage Logistics, Lianhu District Bureau and Lintong District Bureau delivered speeches on behalf of enterprises and regulatory authorities respectively. The Municipal Bureau’s Comprehensive Coordination Group for the Prevention and Control of Imported Cold-chain Food Epidemics has made arrangements and deployments to strengthen the supervision of cold storage.

   The meeting required that, first, all district and county bureaus and cold storage enterprises should further strengthen political positions, improve ideological understanding, overcome laxity and paralysis, and adhere to normalized prevention and control. The prevention and control of imported cold-chain foods should be carried out effectively.

  Secondly, all cold storage enterprises must strictly implement their main responsibilities, and the organizer must carefully organize and study, accurately grasp laws, regulations and policies, and work with merchants to implement various regulations In place, it is necessary to comprehensively promote the”Shaanxi Cold Chain” traceability system, and implement the first bank and first station responsibility system.

   Third, the district and county supervisory departments must strictly assume their responsibilities, work closely with relevant local departments, neighborhoods, towns and townships to form a joint force, implement a special-class supervision system for cold storage, and strengthen supervision Check, find problems and correct them in time, form a systematic and long-term prevention and control mechanism with good experience and methods, and build a safety barrier for the prevention and control of imported cold chain food epidemics.