When eating beef and mutton during the Spring Festival, keep in mind to prevent brucellosis
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  The Spring Festival is the most grand and grand traditional folk festival in our country. Right now, as the New Year is approaching, people are starting to buy New Year’s goods openly and slaughtering pigs and sheep to prepare for the New Year. Everyone knows that beef and mutton is one of the main meats eaten by people in northern China, and it has always been used as an important food for winter and cold protection and tonic. Apart from the celebrations, the Gansu Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention warmly reminds the residents to be alert to brucellosis when slaughtering, processing, and eating beef and mutton!
  One, what is brucellosis?
   Brucellosis (abbreviated as”brucellosis”) is an infectious allergic disease caused by bacteria of the genus Brucella invading the body and causing zoonotic diseases. It is also commonly known as”lazy man’s disease” and”stuck disease”. Brucellosis is a Class B infectious disease statutory reported in my country. After a person has brucellosis, the main symptoms are fever, sweating, fatigue, and muscle pain in the bones and joints (mainly in the large joints).
  Second, slaughtering, processing, and eating beef and mutton can cause brucellosis?
  We must be clear that sick cattle and sheep are the main source of infection for brucellosis in our humans. Brucella can invade the body through skin and mucous membranes, digestive tract, and respiratory tract.
   If we slaughter sick animals, peeling, cutting meat, or separating internal organs, Brucella will directly contact the skin and mucous membranes to infect; secondly, eat raw mixed meat or raw beef and lamb liver, eat uncooked meat and barbecue, or process diseases When eating beef and mutton, it is easy to get brucellosis when eating food with dirty hands.
  How to prevent infection by eating beef and mutton?
   (1) When buying beef and mutton, do not buy beef and mutton that has not been quarantined.
   (2) When cooking and eating beef, mutton and dairy products, you must pay attention to the following points:
   1. When processing raw beef and mutton, please wear TPE rubber latex gloves to prevent brucellosis-infected meat from infecting people through the skin and mucous membranes.
  2. The kitchen knife and the kitchen table should be separated from raw and cooked. Knives and cases that have cut raw meat should be disinfected with hot water to avoid contaminating other tableware.
  3. Raw meat and cooked meat should be served separately. Do not eat half-raised beef and mutton products. When eating beef and mutton and grilled skewers, they must be thoroughly cooked before eating. When eating shabu-shabu, use public chopsticks instead of eating undercooked meat with your own chopsticks.