Weihai City Market Supervision Bureau launches special inspection of Lantern Festival food safety
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   The Lantern Festival is coming soon. To ensure that citizens can eat safe and secure food, the Weihai City Market Supervision Bureau recently launched a special inspection of Lantern Festival food safety.

   On the morning of February 20, law enforcement officers came to the Lantern Festival production workshop of Weihai Jiajiayue Fresh Food Processing and Distribution Co., Ltd. for inspection.

   kneading, stuffing, processing, sorting, packaging…, law enforcement officers inspect the production links one by one.

   In order to ensure that the Lantern Festival meets the food safety requirements, law enforcement officers carefully inspected the Lantern Festival’s production process control and workshop environmental hygiene.

   law enforcement officers check whether the product storage, custody, and registration conditions meet the requirements.

   Inspection results:The company has complete raw materials and invoices, the production process is standardized, and the sanitary environment meets the requirements. Law enforcement officers ordered the company to make corrections on the spot for issues such as improper placement of raw materials in warehouses and incomplete identification of trash bins in workshops.

   On the same day, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau also”looked back” on Weihai Yipeng Food Co., Ltd. “During the preliminary inspection, we found that the company’s Lantern Festival packaging label was not standardized in the ingredient list. We issued a rectification notice, instructing the company to rectify within a time limit, and today we will check the company’s rectification.” The relevant person in charge of the Food Production Division of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau Said.

   On the day of   , law enforcement officers conducted an on-site comparison of the rectified Lantern Festival packaging bags. After inspection, the company has completed the rectification. At the same time, law enforcement officers further explained the relevant requirements and policies of food packaging bag labeling to the relevant person in charge of the company to help the company regulate production.

   In addition to the essential food for the Lantern Festival, pastries, biscuits, peanut oil and other foods are also on the purchase list of many friends.

  In order to protect the safety of rural residents on the tip of their tongues, on February 19, law enforcement officers from the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau came to Caomiaozi Rural Daji to conduct food safety inspections.

   focus on checking whether there are”three noes”, shoddy products, and foods that do not meet national food safety standards and other violations of laws and regulations, to prevent the inflow of fake and inferior food market.

   Inspection result:the overall condition is good, no unqualified foods such as expired sales and no labels were found; for a cake stall that did not apply for a small food workshop registration certificate , Law enforcement officials have ordered it to rectify within a time limit.

   City Market Supervision Department reminds consumers that they should ask for and properly keep the shopping voucher when buying food, and call 12345 (12315) to complain if there is any problem in order to maintain their own lawfulness rights and interests.