Weifang City organizes special inspections on food safety of New Year’s Eve dinner online ordering
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   Spring Festival is approaching, this is the first Spring Festival after the epidemic prevention and control becomes normal. In order to ensure that the citizens spend a peaceful and safe New Year, on the morning of February 9, the Weifang City Market Supervision Bureau organized a special inspection of food safety of the New Year’s Eve dinner online ordering units in the city. Comrade Xu Jiancheng, a member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Municipal Bureau, led a team to supervise the inspections in Kuiwen District and Weicheng District to ensure that the special inspection work achieved actual results.

   This special inspection focuses on catering units with a large number of online orders, with the fundamental purpose of urging catering units to implement the main responsibility for food safety, and mainly inspects the main body of catering units Qualifications, public information, request for certificates and tickets, cleaning and disinfection, raw material control, processing control, distribution link specifications, etc. At the same time, in accordance with the current epidemic prevention work requirements, the supervision of imported cold chain foods by catering units shall be strengthened, and imported cold chain foods purchased and operated by catering units must obtain import customs clearance certificates, nucleic acid testing and disinfection qualification certificates, and log in to the”Shandong Cold Chain” system. Anyone who fails to provide a certificate of qualification for nucleic acid testing and disinfection shall not be purchased or used. In this inspection, 78 law enforcement officers were dispatched throughout the city to inspect 36 catering units.

   passed inspections, further regulating the city’s New Year’s Eve catering service business order, and escorting the safety of the general public.