Wei Yanan:Four major problems in fruit e-commerce
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  Wei Yan’an, Special Expert in Rural E-commerce, Ministry of Commerce< /strong>

   Many people know that I have some research on rural e-commerce. Today, I will combine e-commerce with the fruit industry, and share with you the problems of fruit e-commerce. The current fruit e-commerce has four prominent problems.

   The first is the lack of standards.

   We talk about standardization, and the e-commerce jargon is called quality control. Last year, I visited a lot of markets and met with many customers. The common assessment is:Shaanxi fruits are delicious, but they are not the best to sell. I strongly recommend improving the standardization of Shaanxi fruits. The feedback from the traditional market and the e-commerce market is basically the same. Especially in the traditional market, there are major changes, everyone must pay attention to, that is, the market in the sales area has been completely transformed into the distribution of standard products. I went to the Huizhan Fruit Market in Shanghai to see that the cold storage was dismantled there, saying that it was no longer needed. The standardized products from the production areas were delivered by cold-chain trucks and the doors were opened for distribution. It suddenly dawned on me why our traditional fruit marketing company was so tired, and suffered from the enemy, because the”integrated goods” delivery model no longer works. Some bosses eat Shaanxi products, but the market sells Shandong products. This is a matter of standardization.

   Therefore, no matter what channel is sold, the first task is to”make the goods together.” A young man in Luochuan sells fruit. A customer bought a box of 12 75mm diameter apples from his family for the third time. He felt that he was a regular customer. He wanted to give a discount, so he took 4 of them and replaced them with The 90’s big apple thought it would give a good review, but after a few days, people came directly with a bad review-saying it was”various in size”. He felt aggrieved and confided to me. I said that when I sold it, it was marked with 12 pieces of 75 packs. Why should I change it to 4 pieces of 90? People might think that you don’t have this product to charge other products. Think about it again, the one who always buys 75 small and medium apples should be a beautiful woman. The big one can’t eat it. If you give her 90, she can’t eat a meal and is naturally unhappy. To do this kind of thing, you need to discuss with the user, or give a surprise, don’t move 12, and then send two 90s, that 5-star praise is inevitable.

   Later, after large-scale online direct sales of fruits in some places, the goods sent out were not standard, which caused online disputes about the moral quality of farmers. I stand up and say that the moral quality of farmers is not low. They just haven’t undergone the rigorous exercise of e-commerce. They thought they would pack hundreds of boxes and send them away like bulk goods, and they would have almost done it. I didn’t expect that each box accurately corresponds to one. Customers, and no longer have dealers and retailers to help him code goods. We must pay attention to this problem now. To be an e-commerce company is to directly connect with end customers. Without an intermediate link, we still have ideological problems.

   The second is a bad experience.

   There are still problems with the fruit supply chain system, especially the distribution system. Packaging, cold chain, logistics, and warehousing have not been able to keep up, affecting freshness preservation and delivery timeliness. Some have been damaged and the product has deteriorated when the consumer receives it. In some places, I saw the goods from the power generators in large boxes in the offline wholesale market. Although they were wrapped with layers of tape, the boxes were broken and the fruit was rotten. The fruit sold on the e-commerce cannot be returned, so I can only tell others not to make a bad review, either a full refund or a replacement box. These are all mistakes we have made, and the lessons are very profound.

   The third is the unevenness of good and bad.

   To be honest, there are indeed phenomena such as exaggerated publicity, shoddy and even selling dog meat, which hurt consumers’ hearts and affected regional public brands. Image. For example, shouting organic, shouting whether there is certification or not. I once told several e-commerce companies that it’s okay to eat your apples, but if you set up a”grandmother’s orchard, it tastes like childhood” than you say”authentic Luochuan apples, natural and organic” A hundred times stronger, too little sense of innovation, and exaggerated propaganda will easily lead to complaints.

  We now need to learn to strengthen our fruit industry confidence and apple confidence, show our true situation, and treat everyone with sincerity. A mid-range apple owner said that our apples are just like this. They taste good and the price is affordable. But if you ask me to install good Luochuan apples to fill the storefront, I will not do it. You ask me to install other bad products. I can’t do it even more. I am me, I am the part of Shaanxi Apple that is still similar, but it has always had this taste and the goods are all in order. They also succeeded. Our most important problem now is that we can’t keep up with the standard, can’t keep the bottom line of quality, and we can get better and worse.

   The fourth is the lack of talent.

   Live broadcast is very popular now. The former mainly relied on county heads and celebrities to help farmers endorse, and farmers themselves are still relatively few. There are a large number of fruit farmers who want to broadcast live on their own, but lack training and guidance, so we focus on this one. Last year, we conducted the first session of the live broadcast of fruit growers’ Internet celebrity training, and the two-hour registration was full. Later, the second session was added, which was very popular, indicating that we must now attach importance to the power of fruit growers. Let fruit growers change from producers to network distributors,”let mobile phones become new agricultural tools, live broadcasts become new agricultural activities, farmers become new Internet celebrities, fruits become new online goods, and data become new agricultural materials.” This is what we are now Expected development goals.

   This article is an excerpt from the fourth lecture of”Fruit Industry Branding Methods””Wei Yan’an:Current Status of Fruit E-commerce Development and Countermeasures”.