Wang Li, Deputy General Manager of Wandashan:For what we love and do our best, Wandashan’s 63-year brand road
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  Beidahuang Wandashan Dairy Group Deputy General Manager Wang Li

   Dear leaders and colleagues in the dairy industry:

  Good afternoon everyone! I am Wang Li.

   is just like thanking you for sharing Wandashan’s brand building experience here today. I want to thank this era for the opportunity given to us and let our generation of dairy people It is fortunate to participate in the rapid growth of China’s dairy industry:the dairy industry has achieved a historic leap in production, the quality and safety level has been greatly improved, and the national milk brand has continued to rise to build a new market pattern. As a result, we can think about the development of the brand and the future of the industry on a new level.

   Every fast-growing, large-scale commodity market is bound to give birth to a number of world-class companies and world-class brands. This is a matter of regularity, but it is by no means a natural or simple cumulative scale effect, nor is it the expected result of a forced breakthrough in an immature market and industry environment. What we can see behind every successful brand is the unchanging original intention, the solid growth path, and the accumulation and precipitation of more than ten years or even decades.

  Wandashan’s brand culture has gone through five stages in 63 years of development.

   In the first stage, influenced by the background of agricultural reclamation, the brand appeals for a simple”service to the people”.

   In 1958, with the help of Premier Zhou Enlai, General Wang Zhen transferred 750 Holstein cows from Beijing and Shanghai. He personally selected the site and built the 851 The farm’s dairy cow breeding demonstration base created the Wandashan brand and proposed the goal of”winning by quality and serving the people”. At this stage,”hard construction” is the main theme. For example, in 1968, due to the country’s requirement for”instant milk powder”, Wandashan developed large-particle instant milk powder under extremely difficult conditions, leading China’s dairy industry into the instant era, which is a concentrated expression of the purpose of”serving the people”. And these products with”instant full-fat sweet milk powder” as the core have also won the highest award in the national dairy industry for four consecutive years. The Ministry of Health ranked first in the national sampling inspection and the key promotion has laid a solid foundation for the development of the Wandashan brand. .

In the second stage of   , under the influence of reform and opening up, Wandashan continued to reorganize joint ventures, opening the era of”quality and genuine Wandashan dairy products”.

   In the 1990s, Wandashan formed a dairy group through a series of reorganizations, and gradually formed a milk source base and factory layout covering the vast Sanjiang Plain of the Great Northern Wilderness. This provides the product with a significant advantage of high dry matter content based on the golden milk source belt of 45 degrees north latitude. In order to reflect the true quality of the products, Wandashan put forward the slogan of”Pure Quality Wandashan Dairy Products”. During the period, the segmented formula milk powder successfully developed in 1994 was popular all over the country with the slogan”Milk formula with milk treasure”, and Wandashan emerged in the dairy industry. After the state organized investigations and inspections, national standards were formulated with reference to Wandashan standards. In 1999, Wandashan Dairy won the title of well-known trademark, becoming the only company in Heilongjiang Province that won this honor.

   In the third stage, Wandashan’s green milk source base construction has achieved outstanding results.”Dedicating green food and caring for public health” has been established as Wandashan’s corporate purpose. The slogan of”Wandashan Professional Dairy Manufacturer” highlights the status of the industry.

   Since the establishment of   , Wandashan has always been committed to”let the Chinese people drink assured milk”. For this reason, Wandashan insists on raising Healthy cattle, relying on the”Longjiang fertile soil, golden milk warehouse, and the Great Northern Wilderness”, an unreplicable ecological resource, continue to strengthen the construction of its own green milk source in the 3.86 million mu of grassland pasture in the Sanjiang Plain at 42-47 degrees north latitude , Organic raw material planting, scientific breeding management and other innovative constructions have gradually formed a cluster of green pasture bases. In 2002, Wandashan Dairy’s milk source base was recognized by China Green Food Center as the first”green food dairy production base” in China. Wandashan also became the first batch of dairy companies in the country to obtain green food certification.

   At the same time, Wandashan Dairy has streamlined its business system, cooperated with the European Union and various universities, undertook national science and technology projects, and continuously improved the production, processing and inspection capabilities of dairy products. Initially formed the ability to control the entire industrial chain of dairy products from forage, pasture, milk source, production, quality inspection, and sales. The”professional dairy manufacturer” has become a broad consumer awareness of Wandashan, and Wandashan has established Industry leader. It was during this period that Wandashan established the corporate purpose of”dedicating green food and caring for public health”, and promised consumers that Wandashan products are green foods, natural, healthy, safe and nutritious foods. Carried out to this day.

   In the fourth stage, Wandashan implements a brand upgrade, and”rest assured milk” has become the core appeal of the brand.

   Over the years, in order to fulfill the quality commitment to consumers, Wandashan has always adhered to the”high standards and strict requirements” production management model to make every drop of high-quality original Milk enters the market after being”hardened”. After 2003, Wandashan launched the”Reliable Milk Project”, and jointly established the Reliable Milk Office with the country to create Reliable Milk production and quality inspection standards. Focusing on the core demands of”Reliable Milk”,”Good quality is really good”,”Use Chinese safe milk sources to make Chinese assured milk powder”, and”Reliable quality, assured every gram” Xuanchun’s terminology continues to iterate.

   During this period, Wandashan made every effort to build a green whole-industry chain integration pattern, with a complete quality management system, high-quality technical team, and modern production equipment. Realize 24-hour full-process tracking of the entire industry chain, and take the lead in completing the establishment of a product quality traceability system for infant powder in China. The whole production process has 18 inspection procedures, 238 items are checked at each level, and the dairy products are produced and processed according to pharmaceutical-grade standards, which ensures the entire quality control from the farm to the table. Since its establishment 63 years ago, Wandashan has spanned various industry crises and has never had any major quality accidents. It has passed 100%national random inspections over the years and has become a well-deserved quality responsibility in the dairy industry.

   At present, the Wandashan brand attaches great importance to social responsibility and consumer interaction, and connects the minds of young consumers with”doing what you can do for your love”.

   has entered a new era of development, consumers are more seeking individual independence, and with the continuous enhancement of national self-confidence, social responsibility is becoming increasingly prominent. In 2019, Wandashan launched the brand revitalization plan, and put forward the brand concept of”beloved, do everything possible” to promote the brand to revitalize.

   We believe that the differentiation of Wandashan brand comes from the unique spiritual wealth formed by 63 years of accumulation and historical imprinting. The core value of Wandashan brand is our Perseverance in love, quality, and responsibility. Therefore, we position ourselves as dairy experts dedicated to love.

  Responsibility is for what you love, do your best, do your best!

  We not only see every love you share,

   also sees the perseverance and dedication behind every love!

  ——Wandashan has kept to the original aspiration for 63 years and tried his best.

   Use good milk, pay tribute to every one you love!

  Be loved, do what you can!

   The slogan”Do what you can for your love” fully integrates the history and culture of Wandashan, giving consideration to both big love and small love. Little love focuses on product quality and maternal love, while big love highlights the corporate social responsibility. Wandashan does its best to improve resources, quality, safety, and service for the beloved consumers; Wandashan, for the beloved society, does its best to dedicate love and improve the nutrition and health of all citizens; Wandashan Shanwei’s beloved dairy industry does its best to innovate, develop and improve the professional standards of the entire industry.

   In 2020, a new crown virus has made the world experience unprecedented extraordinary. In this extraordinary year, Wandashan and many milk brands from other countries Out of the extraordinary answer sheet. During the epidemic, we delivered milk to the frontline of the anti-epidemic as soon as possible, and launched the”China Baby Ration Care Program” as soon as possible.

  Wandashan deeply researched consumer habits, carried out comprehensive packaging and renewal, and continued to introduce new ones to market segments, and successively launched Zhuge Xiaojiang series children’s milk powder. New organic A2 series products such as Xinchun and Anlicong Jingyue meet consumers’ individual nutritional needs. Even today, when the cost continues to rise, Wandashan will still try to digest it on its own and strive to maintain price stability.

  In the future, Wandashan will continue to deepen the brand proposition of “Do everything possible for the loved one”, insist on raising healthy cows in the black land, be an honest man, produce Rest assured milk, and strive to provide consumers with”green, healthy, nutritious and safe” high-quality dairy products.

The era of    pushes our generation of dairy people to the starting line of China’s transformation from a big dairy country to a strong dairy country. This is our mission and responsibility. Under the background of”double cycle” and based on the 14th Five-Year Plan of the country, the development of China’s dairy industry has a solid social and environmental foundation and strong development momentum. China’s dairy industry has entered a stage of high-quality development from the stage of rapid development.

   Facing the new environment, new stage and new trend, Wandashan and Jiangnan University and other leading technology institutions have established comprehensive and multi-dimensional strategic partnerships Relationship, jointly establish a collaborative innovation laboratory, carry out a full range of long-term research cooperation in the fields of China’s breast milk research, milk fat deep processing and functional lipid development, and provide the public with high-quality dairy products through scientific research and development and quality assurance, adding to the public’s life It’s wonderful. In the future, Wandashan will continue to improve the quality of dairy products, vigorously promote green dairy product research and development and technological innovation standards, optimize the layout of the entire industry chain, continuously tap consumer demand, and enhance its own brand’s core competitiveness with the scientific and technological power of product research and development.

   At the same time, Wandashan will adhere to the proposition of “do everything possible for the loved one” and continue to uphold quality and innovate in milk source and production for consumers . In 2020, Wandashan created the country’s first”organic A2″ milk core production area, and innovatively launched the country’s first full-line organic A2 series of products, achieving an important breakthrough and innovation in the organic A2 segment of the domestic dairy industry. Leading the Chinese dairy industry to start a new era of organic A2. In the future, we will continue to explore along this path.

   63 years of precipitation, let Wandashan’s brand building accumulate. Wandashan will take products as the core, brand as the cornerstone, and continue to interact and resonate with consumers through media integration, online and offline interoperability, and pass on the proposition of”doing what you can do for your love”. Wandashan will work with the association to continuously strengthen brand promotion and innovative measures to contribute to the development of China’s dairy industry.

   I firmly believe that with the rise of China’s dairy industry, Wanda Mountain will rise in the wind, and “overcome all obstacles” in the development of China’s dairy industry brand. Contribute to the power of dairy industry.

   Let us witness the best era of China’s dairy industry. Thank you.