U.S. abolishes anti-dumping duties on Vietnam Ming Phu shrimp
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   (People’s Daily) According to the Viet News Agency, Viet Nam Ming Phu Aquatic Products Group received the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) decision on the settlement of complaints regarding the imposition of anti-dumping duties on shrimp products on February 17. Therefore, CBP canceled the decision issued on October 13, 2020 on the adoption of the anti-dumping tax rate imposed on Indian shrimp by the United States to impose a tax on Ming Fu shrimp.

   Li Wenguang, general manager of Mingfu Aquatic Products Group, revealed that CBP’s latest decision allows the group to export frozen shrimp to the US market without paying any anti-dumping duties. At the same time, the group was refunded according to the anti-dumping duties temporarily paid on October 13, 2020.
  Before, on October 13, 2020, CBP concluded in accordance with the “Enforcement and Protection Act” (EAPA) that the frozen shrimp products exported by MF Group to the US market shall be paid in accordance with the US Anti-dumping Act against Indian Shrimp Taxes. Mingfu failed to provide sufficient evidence in accordance with the requirements of CBP to prove the detailed traceability documents of the shrimp raw materials of each batch of frozen shrimp products of the group.
   In this context, the Mingfu Group filed an administrative complaint with the CBP high-level agency, requesting CBP to review the above actions again, because CBP’s conclusion has ignored the most important evidence that Mingfu has an effective traceability system and the group’s export to Frozen shrimp products in the US market do not use Indian shrimp ingredients.
   On the basis of the complaint of Ming Fu Group, the CBP Legal and Judgment Senior Agency conducted a detailed analysis of the relevant evidence and the shrimp raw material traceability documents.
  CBP believes that Mingfu Group has an effective traceability system that allows the separation of imported shrimp and domestic raw shrimp, and traces management of raw shrimp and frozen shrimp according to the requirements of each market. At the same time, the group reported honesty and did its best in the EAPA investigation process.
   CBP stated that Ming Fu Group provided sufficient and reliable evidence. On this basis, CBP believes that Ming Fu Group has not violated the EAPA regulations and decided to abolish the anti-dumping duties on Indian shrimp imported from Ming Fu. (End)