Too hot! Great change! New Year’s Eve takeaway orders have doubled! Did you order it too?
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   This year’s Spring Festival, more and more takeaway platforms have launched New Year’s Eve dinner services. Under the situation of normal epidemic prevention and control, this has also become a safer way to reunite on New Year’s Eve.
  Master Sun, who works in Chongqing, spends almost every Chinese New Year staying to work overtime to cook New Year’s Eve dinners for the guests. This year, he received takeaway orders for New Year’s Eve dinners, which has increased several times over previous years.
   Lao Sun has come to Chongqing from Henan for 10 years. As a chef, he will stay and work overtime to cook New Year’s Eve dinner for the guests almost every Spring Festival. This year, the store has joined the”New Year’s Eve Food Delivery Home” online service created by the e-commerce platform. The number of orders in the past few days has doubled compared with previous years.
   Sun Zhaochao, assistant chef of a restaurant in Chongqing:These days, the daily order volume is about 10-20 orders. At the end of the year, I will order more New Year’s Eve dinners. I have to stand for 9 hours and 10 hours a day.
   After finishing the three orders for the day, it was time for dinner. Old Sun’s family was in Henan. He decided to settle the food in the store alone. Stir-fried potatoes with potatoes, mapo tofu, and kimchi make up a simple dinner.
   Sun Zhaochao, the sous chef of a restaurant in Chongqing:It’s the Chinese New Year in Chongqing. I can earn more money here, buy some delicious food for my family, and make my family happier, and myself happier.
   There are still 5 New Year’s Eve orders to be processed, and the old grandson hastily finished the dinner. He told reporters that the biggest wish this year is to buy a big house in Chongqing, change a car, and let his family come to Chongqing to live.