To ensure food security, focus on “hiding grain on the ground and storing grain on technology”
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   On February 22, the State Council Information Office held a press conference for comprehensively promoting rural revitalization and accelerating agricultural and rural modernization. In response to a reporter’s question, Tang Renjian, director of the Central Agriculture Office and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said that in recent years, my country’s grain harvest has been bumper every year. Last year it reached 1,339 billion catties, a record high and an increase of more than 10 billion catties over the previous year. The stocks of the whole society are very abundant, and China’s food security is fully guaranteed. In 2020, in response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, grain and important agricultural and sideline products are produced, supplied, and sold well, and have withstood a big test. On the other hand, my country’s food supply and demand has always been in a tightly balanced state. With population growth, especially consumption upgrades, demand for food will continue to increase rigidly. At the same time, the uncertainty and instability of the external situation has also increased significantly. Therefore, the issue of food security cannot be taken lightly for a moment. The safety factor must be as high as possible, and produce as much grain as possible and store more grain. To deal with the uncertainty of the external environment with the certainty of stable domestic production and supply, we can truly have food in our hands and not panic in our hearts.
  Tang Renjian pointed out that to ensure food security, the focus is to do a good job in the”two Tibet”, that is,”store grain in the ground and store grain in technology”, which is the material basis for ensuring national food security. In the next step, we will take hard measures to”grow teeth”, implement the most stringent farmland protection system, resolutely curb the”non-agriculturalization” of cultivated land and prevent the”non-grainization” of cultivated land, firmly maintain the red line of 1.8 billion mu of cultivated land, and ensure 1.55 billion. One mu of permanent basic farmland is mainly planted with annual crops such as grains and vegetables. In addition, ensure that the plan is to build high-standard farmland and strive to grow food. Protect and make good use of the”giant pandas” in the cultivated land, especially the large granary in the northeast. The fundamental way to increase grain output in the next step is to rely on science and technology for yields and benefits, insist on self-reliance in agricultural science and technology, and resolve to fight for a turnaround in the seed industry, and use modern agricultural technology and material equipment to strengthen the support of food security.
  Tang Renjian stated that it is necessary to establish a”two supplements” mechanism guarantee,”supplied with benefits and supplemented with justice.””Supplement with benefits” is to allow farmers to make more money from growing grain, and to adhere to and improve agricultural price and subsidy policies in terms of policy measures.”Supplement with justice” is to consolidate the obligations and responsibilities of local party committees and governments on food security. Both the Central Rural Work Conference and the No. 1 Document clarify that the next step in food security must be the same responsibility of the party and government. Through these efforts, we will ensure that the sown area and output of grain in various provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) can remain stable, and continue to increase if conditions permit.
   Tang Renjian said that to ensure supply, we must not only ensure the quantity, but also consider the diversity and quality. The simultaneous guarantee of diversity and quality is not only the need to meet market consumer demand, but also the need to increase farmers’ income and improve agricultural efficiency. Therefore, the article on the structural reform of the agricultural supply side must continue to be deep, detailed, and solid, and further adjust and optimize the agricultural production structure, including the regional layout and product structure, and promote the cultivation of varieties, quality improvement, brand building and Standardized production,”three products and one standard”, will produce more types of agricultural products, better quality, smoother sales and better benefits, and better meet the diverse consumer needs of urban and rural residents.

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