Tianjin’s market supervision system strengthens food safety supervision during the Spring Festival
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  According to the work deployment of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government and the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration, the Tianjin Municipal Market Supervision System has effectively strengthened food safety supervision during the Spring Festival period, and made a solid effort to normalize the epidemic Prevention and control work to ensure the safety of the people’s diet, so that the people of the city can spend a safe, joyous and peaceful Spring Festival.

   The main responsible comrades and comrades in charge of the Tianjin Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Committee have gone to the grassroots many times to supervise and inspect the food safety and security work during the festival, and invite the disciplinary inspection team to jointly carry out the work Unannounced visits and inspections, supervise and promote the implementation of various work requirements.

During    festivals, the city’s market supervision departments inspected various food business units including shopping malls, supermarkets, catering units, and edible agricultural products centralized trading markets for 15,009 households, and investigated and dealt with food safety violations There were 39 acts, with fines and confiscated amounts of RMB 273,980. No food safety accidents occurred in the city.

   According to the characteristics of food consumption during the holiday season, strengthen the supervision and inspection of key areas, key units, and key food varieties, and urge food operators to implement the main responsibility and The main responsibility for epidemic prevention and control is to severely crack down on violations of laws and regulations.

   inspected 765 edible agricultural products centralized trading markets, carried out surprise night inspections on large-scale edible agricultural product wholesale markets, and urged food operators to strictly implement purchase inspection requirements; Catering service entities 4767 households, especially strengthen the supervision of catering units that undertake”New Year’s Eve dinner” and centralized isolation medical observation point catering units, strictly control food safety risks in the processing and production process; supervise and guide rural mobile kitchen operators to file, and strengthen rural areas Supervision of collective dinners to strictly prevent the occurrence of group food safety incidents; strengthen the supervision of online food transactions, and focus on urging third-party online food trading platform providers to fully implement food safety management and epidemic prevention and control responsibilities.

   It is forbidden to illegally operate and eat wild animals, and it is strictly forbidden for food operators to purchase, sell, process, and store wild animals and their products; strengthen food safety supervision for students studying in schools, Ensure the food safety of the teachers and students in the school; promote the”CD Action”, guide consumers to order appropriate meals, and resolutely prevent food waste.

   At the same time, we will make every effort to control imported cold chain food. Resolutely implement the”five prohibitions” requirements for daily supervision of imported cold chain foods, strictly control the listing of imported cold chain foods, and stop the sales of 13 food businesses that do not meet the requirements of the”five prohibitions” on the eve of the Spring Festival; strengthen festival market supervision and inspection , Supervise relevant production and business units to implement the main responsibilities for epidemic prevention and control, and do preventive disinfection. Market supervision departments at all levels inspect 4064 imported cold chain food producers and operators; continue to push imported cold chain food production and operation points to health departments (Goods, environment) and employee information; improve the construction of the cold chain food traceability platform in Tianjin, and strive to realize the traceability of the entire process from port to table to help prevent and control the epidemic.