Tianjin Consumers Association issued a Spring Festival consumer reminder:scientific and rational consumption, happy and peaceful New Year!
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   2021 Spring Festival is approaching, Tianjin Consumers Association issued a Spring Festival consumption reminder to remind consumers to guard safety, raise awareness of prevention and control, scientifically, rationally and civilly consume, and celebrate a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.
   tip one

  Improve awareness of prevention and control, and do a good job of safety protection
  The City Consumers Association recommends that consumers do not go out of Tianjin if necessary, spend the New Year in Tianjin, not necessary or gather, reduce unnecessary gatherings, shorten the time of outing activities as much as possible, improve awareness of prevention and control, and strictly comply with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control , Take personal protective measures and wear masks scientifically and correctly; participate in all kinds of enclosed leisure and entertainment activities with caution. If you must travel, make an appointment as much as possible in advance, and wear masks throughout the process, cooperate with scanning codes, and temperature measurements to maintain a safe social distance.
   Tip Two

  Rational and civilized consumption, avoid hoarding and waste
  When buying New Year’s goods and other consumer goods, plan the type and quantity of purchases in advance, shorten the shopping time as much as possible, recognize the merchant’s discount and preferential activities rules, do not blindly follow the trend, panic buying and hoarding, do not contact wild animals, do not buy and eat Relevant departments have banned foods of unknown origin, and advocated self-service consumption and non-contact scan code settlement. When choosing prepaid consumption, we must fully consider the epidemic factors. For prepaid consumption with a large amount and longer usage time, we must choose carefully. A written contract must be signed to clarify the rights and obligations of both parties.
  Prompt three

  Online shopping and consumption, take care of disinfection protection
   Encourage consumers to purchase New Year’s goods through a combination of online and offline methods to ease the pressure of crowd gathering. When shopping online, you should choose a formal e-commerce platform, properly keep transaction records, and ask for invoices. After receiving the express parcel, disinfect it first. After opening the parcel, wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizer in time.
  Tip Four

  Scientific and reasonable diet, resolutely avoid waste
   During the Spring Festival, the diet should pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables, with reasonable nutrition, do not eat raw or cold food, do not overeating, excessive drinking, strengthen exercise, and improve physical fitness; when eating out, order food in a civilized manner, be conservative, and oppose waste. During meals, a meal-sharing system is implemented, using public spoons and chopsticks consciously, and advocating the “CD” action to avoid wasting food and refuse to eat game.

   Tip 5

   protect personal privacy and prevent telecom fraud
   Don’t trust phone calls and SMS messages from unknown sources. No matter what the circumstances, don’t disclose personal information about yourself and your family members. Protect your privacy and never send or transfer money to strangers.