“Three Controls” in Zongyang County of Tongling Guarantee Zero Food Safety Accidents During the Spring Festival Holiday
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   During the Spring Festival holiday, Tongling Zongyang County focused on strengthening the control of hot food, cold chain food and group meals, and spared no effort to maintain the “tip of the safety” of the masses, realizing the Spring Festival holiday Zero food safety incidents.

   One is to strengthen the control of hot foods. Focus on foods that are heavily consumed in the holiday market, such as grain, oil, meat, egg, dairy products, and health foods, strengthen supervision, and focus on checking whether food operators are fully qualified and whether they sell expired, moldy, fake and inferior foods, and whether there are foods. False publicity, etc. More than 700 law enforcement officers were dispatched to inspect more than 1,500 food business households, one case of food safety violations was investigated and 9 consumer disputes were handled.

   The second is to strengthen cold chain food control. Supervise and urge cold chain enterprises to implement systems such as “advance filing, purchase inspection, request for certificates and invoices, environmental sanitation protection”, etc. Cold chain food operators are strictly prohibited from selling untested cold chain food, and personnel who have not undergone nucleic acid inspection or vaccination are prohibited from engaging in The sale of cold-chain foods shall be strictly investigated and dealt with by market entities who refuse to obey risk control. During the holiday season, a total of 336 cold-chain food workers took up their jobs. The county stocked 5,000 kilograms of imported cold-chain food and tested 73 cold-chain food nucleic acid samples, all of which were negative.

   The third is to strengthen the management and control of group dinners. Supervise catering units to implement the main responsibilities for epidemic prevention and control, and implement epidemic prevention and control measures such as registration, temperature measurement, ventilation, disinfection, and wearing masks; urge catering units to implement the approval system for group meals with less than 50 people, and catering units to promote to nearly 500 consumers With regard to epidemic prevention and control measures and policies, consumers unsubscribed and postponed banquets for more than 400 times and nearly 6,000 tables; and cancelled 72 households and nearly 660 tables for rural banquets.