This year’s Spring Festival, this New Year’s Eve dinner is on fire! Average intake of nearly 800 calories…
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   This year, in the context of”Chinese New Year on the spot”, many big family gatherings have become small family reunions. A variety of new combinations for the festival, rich and varied New Year’s Eve dinners, with more affectionate new presentations, new flavors, and new temperatures.

   This year’s New Year’s Eve dinner has a lot of”new poses”,”Cloud New Year’s Eve Dinner”,”North and South Flavored New Year’s Eve Dinner”,”Low-calorie New Year’s Eve Dinner”… In the Spring Festival of 2021,”In-Place New Year’s Eve Dinner” detonated”Fancy New Year’s Eve Dinner””, to bring more surprises to people.
  Hema data shows that the traditional Chinese New Year’s eight-treasure rice of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai’s Spring Festival, sales in Hema stores in Beijing, Qingdao, and Xi’an increased by nearly 50%year-on-year. The sales of workshop dumplings in Shenzhen and Guangzhou ushered in a 4 to 5 fold increase during the New Year holiday.
   There is a new trend in this year’s”New Year’s Eve Dinner”:”Healthy New Year’s Eve Dinner” is popular. The data shows that from 2019 to 2021, the calorie intake per capita for the New Year’s Eve dinner has been reduced for three consecutive years, from 2289 kcal per person per New Year’s Eve meal to 1518 per capita this year. Calories, high-protein and low-calorie foods have become the first choice for more people’s New Year’s Eve dinners.