This Spring Festival, there are fewer people in the seafood market, but sales are not falling but rising? Rely on this →
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   During the Spring Festival, all parts of the country are full of lights and festivities. Whether it is staying home for the New Year or spending the New Year in a different place, the atmosphere of reunion and harmony remains unabated.

  The end of the year and the New Year are the traditional peak consumption season. During the Spring Festival, from online to offline, from physical goods to service consumption, the consumer market ushered in a”good start”. Affected by the prevention and control of the epidemic,”Chinese New Year on the spot”, and changes in consumption habits, this year’s Spring Festival consumer market has also shown some new changes and new characteristics.
   Spring Festival is the peak season for seafood consumption. The reporter came to the seafood trading area of ​​the Chengdu Agricultural Products Center Wholesale Market and saw that all kinds of seafood were shipped by air from the domestic coastal areas. During the interview, the reporter found that the number of people who came to buy the seafood market was much less than in previous years, but many seafood merchants said that this year’s sales volume increased by about 20%on average.
   Seafood merchant Wang Muhua said that in addition to offline physical business, they also do online network distribution. There are more than 20 community group purchases, all of which are formed by customers. Merchants’ direct delivery is relatively cost-effective, with a quarter of their turnover.
  With the improvement of living standards, consumers have higher and higher requirements for dishes on the table. Boston lobster, grouper, king crab and other higher-priced seafood have also entered many families through online shopping. dining table.
  Seafood merchant Zhao Zhihui said that the quality of seafood is now improved, such as king crabs and Boston lobsters. They are not enough to sell, and they are basically sold out.