The”Four Strengths” of Guiyang High-tech Industrial and Commercial Bureau launched a special action to clean up and rectify”special supply” and”special supply” marked commodities
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   In order to implement the”Notice of the Gui’an New District, Guiyang City on Printing and Renovating Online Sales and Propagating”Special Supply” and”Special Supply” Marked Products Special Remediation Action Plan” Spirit, since October last year, Guiyang High-tech Industrial and Commercial Bureau has taken the”four strengthening” measures to ensure the implementation of the work. As of February 19, the bureau has deployed 56 law enforcement personnel, 21 law enforcement vehicles, 24 convenience stores, 6 supermarkets, 15 hotels, 16 pharmacies, and 27 liquor operators. , 202 online monitoring sites and online shops have not found any products or advertisements with the words”special supply”,”special supply”,”internal special supply, special use”.

   One is to strengthen online supervision. Use the provincial network transaction supervision business platform to monitor the keyword samples such as”special supply”,”special supply”,”internal special supply, special purpose”, etc., and focus on checking whether it contains”special supply”,”exclusive supply”, names of central and state agencies, The name of a specific place or the name of a landmark building, a state banquet, a state guest, etc. promote and sell goods or services.

   The second is to strengthen offline supervision. Focus on the investigation of tobacco, alcohol, and health products in convenience stores, supermarkets, hotels, pharmacies, and liquor operators, and check whether the product packaging has”special supply”,”special supply”,”internal special supply, special” and other related terms , Whether there are any products that counterfeit the registered trademarks of others, counterfeit or use quality marks, or counterfeit the origin.

   The third is to strengthen publicity and education. Carry out publicity and education of laws and regulations such as the”E-commerce Law”,”Advertising Law”, and”Anti-Unfair Competition Law” to market entities, guide e-commerce platform companies and Internet advertising media to implement management responsibilities, increase awareness of law-abiding operations, and consciously maintain a fair competition market order.

   The fourth is to strengthen administrative guidance. Supervise and urge relevant enterprises to investigate and clear relevant violation information in a timely manner, and strictly implement the responsibility and obligation of product access and advertising review. Conduct timely interviews with e-commerce platforms and Internet advertising media with prominent problems and order rectification. At the same time, actively guide the main body of the online trading market to regulate their own business behaviors, strengthen self-discipline, and promote self-discipline and honesty and law-abiding operations of operators.