The Xixia District Bureau of Yinchuan Market Supervision Administration launched a special action to clean up and rectify online sales and promote”special supply” and”special supply” marked commodities
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  In order to maintain a good online market environment, curb bad social trends, and establish a correct consumption orientation, the Xixia District Bureau of Yinchuan Market Supervision Administration has recently organized the rectification of online sales and promoted”special supply” and”special supply” marked products Special action.
   One is to clarify the key points of rectification.
   This special inspection focused on cleaning and rectifying those containing”special supply”,”special supply” central and state agencies and other similar content; using specific location names or landmark building names closely related to the central and state agencies, and use State banquets, state guests, etc. promote”special offerings” and”special offerings”; under the guise of”special offerings”,”exclusive offerings” or”internal special offerings, dedicated” and other similar names to promote goods or services; containing”special offerings” and”exclusive offerings” Counterfeit and shoddy goods with similar content, counterfeit registered trademarks of others, counterfeit or counterfeit quality marks, counterfeit goods of origin.
   The second is comprehensive monitoring and investigation.
   Relying on the national online trading platform supervision service system, combined with key tasks during the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival, focusing on food (alcohol, beverages, health food), porcelain, luggage and other public opinion hotspots, and products with concentrated social reflections, using pinyin abbreviations,”Code language” methods such as homophonic Chinese characters, the use of”special offer”,”special offer” and similar content in the packaging, labeling, and published information, introduction, or advertisement of goods for sale. With the supervision office as a unit, we will comprehensively carry out monitoring and investigation of online commodity transactions, especially Internet second-hand transactions, auction platforms and Internet advertisements, and purify the online market environment in an all-round way.
   The third is to strengthen publicity and guidance.
   Carry out administrative guidance for key industries, organize publicity and education of laws and regulations such as the”E-Commerce Law of the People’s Republic of China”,”The Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of China”,”The People’s Republic of China Anti-Unfair Competition Law” and”The Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” . Guide e-commerce platform companies and Internet advertising media to implement management responsibilities, increase awareness of law-abiding operations, and consciously maintain fair market order. At the same time, in handling consumer complaints and daily supervision, proactively publicize and explain laws and regulations to improve consumers and operators’ legal awareness.
  Fourth is to increase investigation and punishment efforts.
   made heavy blows to crack down on online sales and promotion of”special supply” and”special supply” marked products, timely monitoring and investigation, and handing over the clues to the case for investigation and punishment. Since the launch of the special action, relying on the online trading platform to monitor websites, 401 online stores, 523 product information, 348 advertisements, and 559 offline inspections of physical stores, no online sales and promotion”special supply” have been found. The illegal act of”special supply” marking goods.