The value of exported fruits and vegetables under customs supervision of Manzhouli Airport exceeds 82.57 million yuan
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    Russian Satellite News Agency, Beijing, February 18, according to the”Manzhouli Daily” report, since the beginning of this year, the customs of Manzhouli Airport has supervised the export value of fruits and vegetables of 82.574 million yuan.

   reported that since the beginning of this year, Manzhouli Airport Customs has handled 1,506 batches of plant inspection and quarantine certificates related to exported fruits and vegetables, and supervised the export value of fruits and vegetables of RMB 82.574 million.
   reported that during the Spring Festival, the Manzhouli port was still busy, and trucks full of fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes, mangoes, and green onions, were passing the port in an orderly manner towards Russia.
   The report emphasized that in order to ensure the orderly customs clearance of exported fruits and vegetables during the holiday season, Manzhouli Customs used information technology to simplify the declaration documents through the advance declaration of exported fruits and vegetables, pre-approval, and the opening of a”green channel” special declaration window for agricultural exports. , Optimize the customs clearance process to achieve fast customs clearance. At the same time, implement the supervision model of”source control, risk assessment, process monitoring” to improve the quality and safety awareness of fruit and vegetable export enterprises, and effectively form a chain of source supervision and quality traceability. In addition, the customs coordinated the arrangement of staff on duty to provide”emergency, special and difficult assistance” services to export fruit and vegetable enterprises to ensure”zero delay” in the export of advantageous agricultural products during the holiday season.