The store issued a false advertisement of”Yangtze River Fishing Ban” Yuanjiang City Market Supervision Bureau issued a fine
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   Recently, the Yuanjiang City Market Supervision Bureau received reports from the masses that two restaurants have published”Dongting Lake Wild Fish” and”Dongting Lake Specialties” on a takeaway platform.”Advertising words. The law enforcement officers of the bureau acted quickly, and after the investigation was carried out, they issued two fines for the”ban on fishing in the Yangtze River”.

   At the end of 2020, in order to solicit business on the take-out platform, the two restaurants asked the advertising company to design and produce the”Wild Fish of Dongting Lake” and”Dongting Lake”. An advertisement page with the words”Hu Special Products” was published on a takeaway platform. During the investigation, the law enforcement officers of the bureau found that the “fish” and “special products” promoted on the take-out platform belonged to the farmed fish purchased in the market, not the take-out platform’s announcement based on the “fish” purchase and sales account provided by the parties. It is called”wild fish of Dongting Lake”. The two merchants wanted to attract the attention of customers with the gimmick of”wild fish in Dongting Lake”, but they did not expect that they constituted a false advertising behavior, touched the”red line” set by laws and regulations, and were finally punished.

   In order to prevent illegal fishing from the source and cut off the black interest chain, the bureau will carry out a citywide special operation to ban the sale of illegally caught fish in the Yangtze River Basin , Focus on strengthening the publicity and education of market entities and market supervision and inspection, severely investigate and punish all kinds of illegal market supervision during the fishing ban, and achieve no processing in production enterprises, no online or offline sales, no supply for catering units, and no advertisements in all links.