The Spring Festival is approaching and it is fun. You will have to drink…a cup and stop!
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  Beijing police strikes hard< /div>

   Defend the food safety of the people during festivals

   In order to effectively maintain the food safety and consumer market order during the New Year’s and Spring Festival”two festivals”, Beijing police launched a special campaign against the production and sale of counterfeit wine at the end of December 2020 As of now, 15 criminal gangs producing and selling counterfeit alcohol have been eliminated, 50 people have been criminally detained, 33″black dens” and”black workshops” have been destroyed, and more than 35,000 bottles of finished liquor, more than 350,000 pieces of semi-finished products and packaging materials have been seized (Sets), 35 counterfeit equipment, fully launched the pre-holiday food safety defense war.

   committing crimes against the wind

  ”Specially supplied” liquor should be vigilant

   In late December 2020, the Beijing police obtained a clue on the production and sale of”special offer” counterfeit wine. After nearly a month of careful investigation, it was locked A criminal gang with Xie Mouhong (male, 47 years old) as the core producing, filling and selling fictitious”special supply” liquor. On January 1, 2021, the Central Food and Drug Brigade of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, together with the Xicheng Public Security Bureau, carried out an operation to close the network, destroying 7 production, sales, and storage fake dimples, and seized the Maotai, which was printed with fake and various fictitious state agencies. There are more than 400 bottles of finished liquor such as vintage wine, more than 100,000 pieces (sets) of outer packaging materials and labels, and 9 related counterfeit equipment.

   In the bottling process of the criminal gang, Xie Mouhong purchased fake wine packaging materials from Wang Mouxian and others, and purchased bulk packaging materials from Guizhou Low-end liquor is filled in the rental bungalows in the suburbs; in the middle sales link, Xie Mohong, Yu, Yao Feng and others “skewed goods” with each other and sold them to Zhang Moqi, Zhu Mo, Wu Mo At the end of the sales link, Zhang used his identity as a chef in an agency to sell fictitious”special supply” fake wine to his friends and fellow villagers, while Zhu and Wu used their cigarettes. The hotel shop conducts external sales for profit.

   It is understood that as early as 2013, multiple departments of the state jointly issued items that were strictly prohibited from being used, manufactured and sold under the labels of”special supply” and”special supply”. It is illegal to advertise with a fictitious”special supply” of a state agency as a gimmick. Consumers must remain rational and be wary of the so-called”special supply” liquor, not to mention blindly seeking to avoid being deceived.

   A few days ago, Xie Mouhong and other 12 people have been criminally detained by Xicheng Public Security Bureau according to law, and the case is under further work.

  ”Selling dog meat with sheep’s head”

  Fake wine in jewelry store

   On January 4, 2021, the Huan Food and Drug Brigade, Chaoyang Public Security Bureau, according to the clues transmitted by the market supervision department, will be in the bottom of a building in Gaobeidian Township Two persons, Ma Mouguo (male, 58 years old) and Gao (female, 45 years old) who were suspected of selling fake Moutai brand liquor were arrested, and more than 100 boxes of Moutai brand liquor were seized. They were later identified as fake Moutai brand liquor.

   After investigation, Ma Mouguo and Gao run a jewelry store on weekdays. Since September 2020, the two will exchange jewelry for fake Moutai for another 1,500 yuan The price of each bottle is sold in the store and WeChat Moments. A few days ago, the two have been criminally detained by Chaoyang Public Security Bureau according to law, and the case is under further work.

  Rental house changed into fake dens

  The landlord is also responsible for illegal rental

   On December 28, 2020, the Huan Food and Drug Brigade Squadron of the Changping Public Security Bureau discovered during work that someone in a village in Xingshou Town was producing and selling fake wine. After several consecutive days of platooning, the exact location of the suspect’s warehouse was determined. On January 6, 2021, the Changping Public Security Bureau, together with the Central Food and Drug Brigade Corps, seized Shen Mouguo (male, 47) who illegally manufactured and sold high-end liquor packaging materials in a rental compound, and seized a set of coding machines on the spot. There are more than 120,000 pieces (sets) of packaging materials and logos for brands such as Moutai, Wuliangye, and Jiannanchun. A few days ago, Shen Mouguo has been criminally detained by the Changping branch in accordance with the law, and the case is under further work.

   It is understood that Feng Mousong (male, 32 years old), the landlord who rented out the courtyard to Shen Mouguo for illegal and criminal activities, was also punished accordingly.

  Police Tips

  Official channel shopping is the most secure

  According to the deployment of the Ministry of Public Security, Beijing police focused on the booming supply and demand of the food market during the”Two Festivals” period, especially before the Spring Festival, and focused on the sales, transportation, and Storage and other key links, on the one hand, increase special crackdowns on illegal and criminal activities in the food field. For example, the concentrated crackdown on the production and sale of counterfeit wine is an important content; on the other hand, the police and administrative departments such as market supervision , Carry out high-frequency law enforcement inspections, clean up and rectify, and make every effort to ensure that the citizens of the capital spend a healthy, safe, happy and peaceful New Year.

   Spring Festival is approaching, it is the peak of food consumption. Consumers are asked to buy food from regular sales channels and keep invoices and shopping vouchers. Once the quality is found If you have any problems, please report to the market supervision department immediately. If you have any clues about illegal activities, please call 110 or 010-83061992 to report to the police.