The Spring Festival holiday does not close, the market supervision is not relaxed
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  Today is already the second day of work after the holiday. I believe many people still feel that the holiday is over before it officially starts. Looking back, it seems like a holiday Just yesterday. Happy New Year, I believe you all had a very happy Spring Festival. However, there is a group of people who are still holding their posts during the Spring Festival. They are busy in the streets and lanes, strengthening supervision, seizing the market, stabilizing prices, protecting people’s livelihood, shopping malls, supermarkets, Farmer’s markets, catering and hotels and other places for people’s daily consumption have become places for them to “check in” every day. They are the market supervisors in Pidu District. They enjoy the seven days of Chinese New Year and never get tired.

   In order to effectively do a good job in market supervision during the 2021 Spring Festival, maintain a stable, orderly, safe and secure holiday market consumption environment, so that the general public can live a safe, A healthy, peaceful and comfortable holiday. During the Spring Festival, the Market Supervision Bureau of Pidu District took the”Spring Thunder 2021″,”Yangtze River ban on catching and breaking the chain” and the special action of cold chain logistics epidemic prevention and control as the starting point to penetrate the agricultural cold chain market Carry out inspections in key areas such as supermarkets, pharmacies, etc., to ensure stable market order and consumer safety during the holiday season, and do a solid job of preventing and controlling the epidemic during the Spring Festival.

   strictly control food safety and quality

   Effectively protect the”Spring Festival table”

   During the Spring Festival, food purchases and sales are prosperous, there are many types of consumption, and the flow of personnel is large. This is a period when security risks are concentrated and problems are prone to occur in the field of market supervision. In response to the characteristics of food consumption and risk during the Spring Festival, the District Market Supervision Bureau has increased the supervision and inspection of the farmer’s market, the vegetable and fruit wholesale market, the grain and oil market, and the supermarket; strengthened the certification of food raw materials procurement, kitchen equipment and The environmental sanitation of the processing site, the health of the employees, the cleaning and disinfection of tableware, etc. are inspected to ensure the”safety on the tip of the tongue” of the masses.

  Strengthen market price supervision

   severely crack down on various price violations

The    District Market Supervision Bureau strengthens market price supervision based on the characteristics of festival consumption, and urges farmers’ markets, wholesale markets, large markets, and supermarkets to make full use of price tags and announcement boards to implement Clearly mark the price; standardize the promotional language for discounts and promotions in markets and supermarkets during the holiday season, clearly write down the time limit and activity content, and purify the holiday consumption environment.

  Focus on epidemic prevention and control

   Fight the epidemic prevention and control Spring Festival defense battle

   Implement the main responsibility and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control. Intensify the investigation and inspection of imported cold chain food, as well as the supervision and inspection of epidemic prevention in farmer’s markets, vegetable and fruit wholesale markets, grain and oil markets, and supermarkets, and urge catering business owners to implement masks, health scan codes, temperature testing, restrictions on the flow of people and operations Prevention and control measures such as site cleaning and disinfection. Focus on the management and control of densely populated places, cold-chain food, and group dinners, and urge catering operators to implement the purchase inspection record system to ensure that the source of food ingredients can be traced.

   protect the safety of medicines and build a line of defense against the epidemic in the new year. Strengthen the grid management of medicines, make full use of the role of “sentinels” in pharmacies at grass-roots clinics, urge pharmacies to implement personnel management and control, implement real-name registration of fever, cough, antiviral, and antibiotic drugs, and report systems for fever personnel. From February 10th to February 17th, 117 law enforcement officers and 50 vehicles were inspected, and 167 sub-pharmacies in the jurisdiction were inspected. A total of 8,604 people who purchased anti-fever medicines were collected. The information of relevant personnel has been returned to the relevant streets for tracking.

   carry out hidden danger investigation

   escorting the safety of special equipment during the Spring Festival

   Carry out special equipment safety hazard investigation, focusing on special equipment in key locations, focusing on equipment use registration, regular inspection, personnel certification, maintenance, emergency drills, and management Institutional settings and other inspection contents, supervise and inspect equipment users, carry out large-scale investigations and rectification actions in the field of special equipment, severely crack down on various illegal production and operation activities, and investigate and rectify hidden accidents.

  As of yesterday, the District Market Supervision Bureau dispatched more than 500 law enforcement officers, inspected 335 business households, and inspected 99 shopping malls, supermarkets and bazaars. , Inspected 59 food production and operation units, 23 special equipment users, 20 e-commerce platforms and network operators, and 15 tourist attractions.

   does not close during the Spring Festival holiday

  The market supervision is not relaxed

   Pidu District Market Supervision Bureau

   will continue to implement various epidemic prevention and control measures

   strengthen market supervision and inspection

  Continue to protect people’s lives, health and property safety

  Ensure harmonious and stable market order in the jurisdiction

   At the same time, I also give everyone here

   pays tribute to the grassroots personnel who stick to their posts during the festival

  Because of you, make this holiday more at ease