The Sichuan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau researched and deployed to further promote the”Yangtze River ban on catching and breaking the chain” special action
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   On February 24, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau held a special action promotion meeting for the “Yangtze River Ban on Catching, Cracking down on Non-Chain Links” to inform the progress of the preliminary work and arrange the deployment of the next work. Provincial Bureau Director Wan Penglong presided over the meeting and gave a speech. Provincial Bureau Deputy Directors Sun Qiang, Song Changyong, Wang Jian, Zhou Chuanjun, Gou Xiaolan, Provincial Bureau Level 1 Inspector Wu Rui, and Provincial Bureau Level 2 Inspector Yu Zhengang attended the meeting.
   The meeting learned and conveyed the spirit of the first meeting of the leading group for the settlement of fishermen in the key waters of the Yangtze River Basin in Sichuan Province in 2021, and notified the progress of the province’s”Yangtze River banning and breaking the chain” special action work . The leaders of each working group of the special action leading group for the”Changing Yangtze River Banning, Cracking down on Non-Links” also reported on the relevant work.
  The meeting pointed out that since the action, the province’s system has dispatched 225,000 law enforcement personnel to inspect 340,000 aquatic product manufacturers, farmer’s markets, supermarkets, catering and other business entities; monitor e-commerce platforms (websites) 136,000 times, 1,201 illegal transaction information was cleared; 2.09 million advertisements were monitored, including 30,000 advertisements in expressways, stations, terminals, airports, and market areas; 374 illegal cases were investigated and 141 cases closed , Transferred 43 clues from agriculture and rural areas and public security departments, exposed 36 typical cases, and supervised and handled 178 cases. The number of investigated cases ranks first in the national system.
   Wan Penglong emphasized the need to further promote the special action of the “Yangtze River ban on catching and breaking the chain” to better meet the assessment of the work of banning and retreating from arrest in key waters of the Yangtze River Basin. The first is to unify thinking, raise awareness, study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions, and in accordance with the relevant requirements of the provincial party committee, provincial government and the State Administration of Market Supervision, establish a firm awareness of upstream responsibility and strive for excellence. The second is to highlight key points, make overall plans, and combine Sichuan’s actual conditions to strengthen the supervision of key locations, key platforms, and key links, and strive to improve the effectiveness of supervision. The third is to make serious preparations, actively meet the assessment, and do a solid job in the special action of”The Yangtze River banning arrests, breaking the chain and breaking the chain” to meet the assessment in a better state. Fourth, we must integrate regulations, maintain order, strictly enforce laws, crack down on various illegal activities such as purchasing, processing, and selling illegal catches, false propaganda, and defrauding consumers, and make every effort to ensure the safety and order of the market. The fifth is to strengthen leadership and form a joint force. All departments must attach great importance to the special action of”Yangtze River Banning and Breaking the Chain” as a political task, adhere to positive guidance, increase propaganda, strengthen communication and coordination, deepen coordination, and unite The overall force.
   In order to earnestly promote the special operation of the “Yangtze River ban on catching and breaking the chain” in our province and ensure the smooth completion of the second phase of the operation’s objectives and tasks, the meeting decided to focus on two months on the basis of the “Spring Thunder 2021” work deployment. In response to the”Yangtze River ban on arrests, crackdowns and broken chains”, another centralized rectification operation was launched.
   The main person in charge of each member unit of the”Yangtze River Banning and Cracking Down the Links” Special Campaign attended the meeting.