The Mudanjiang Municipal Market Supervision Bureau highlights the governance of”weak links” and guards”safety on the tip of the tongue” during the Spring Festival
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   Mudanjiang City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau took the”Hundred Days of Food Security Longjiang Action” as its starting point, followed closely the characteristics of food consumption during the Spring Festival, carried out risk investigation and completed Livestock and poultry meat and by-products, aquatic products, roasted food and nut products and other seasonal foods were randomly inspected in 379 batches, and edible agricultural products were sampled in 50 batches, highlighting the management of weak links in food safety, and safeguarding the health and safety of people’s diet during the Spring Festival.

   One is to carry out food safety management in the production process. Focusing on food categories such as hot-selling meat products, frozen foods, liquor, and edible oil during festivals, strengthen source governance, inspect 129 production companies, and investigate 4 hidden dangers; further standardize small food production and processing workshops, and inspect small wine shops and sauerkraut There are 74 small workshops including Bean Sprouts and Bean Sprouts, 3 hidden dangers were investigated, and publicity was strengthened.

   The second is to carry out food safety management in the catering sector. Through the”five inspections and five observations”, safety supervision of 5,345 catering service units and online meal ordering units in the city will be carried out, unlicensed operations and over-range operations will be strictly investigated, the use of food raw materials of unknown origin is strictly prohibited, and epidemic prevention and control are required. Large-scale dinners are forbidden and 34 hidden dangers are investigated; supervision and inspection of 212 catering service units in the scenic area have been carried out before the holiday. At present, affected by the epidemic situation in many places, tourists are scarce, and most of the scenic business service units in our city have spontaneously closed down.

   The third is to carry out food safety management in the circulation link. Strengthen the supervision of food sales safety in key places such as large and medium-sized supermarkets, rural fairs, commercial areas, service areas, etc. during the festival, inspect 2,316 related entities, investigate 153 hidden dangers, and standardize the operation and management of agricultural batch markets and the cold storage storage behavior of the trustee , Strictly implement the requirements for requesting certificates and invoices and purchase inspection records.

  The fourth is to carry out special food safety management. Inspection of 717 special food production and operation entities, focusing on the investigation and punishment of illegal or illegal activities such as unlicensed or out-of-scope operations, not setting up signs, and not selling in special areas.