The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued 63 agricultural machinery promotion appraisal outlines and continued to increase the promotion and leadership of new agricultural machinery technology and equipment
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   News from this website recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs released the latest 63 agricultural machinery promotion and appraisal outlines, aiming to strengthen technology leadership, standardize testing and appraisal, and promote new technologies and equipment for agricultural machinery The popularization of application to meet the actual needs of agricultural production and farmers.

  According to the introduction, the agricultural machinery extension appraisal outline is the technical basis and norms for comprehensively assessing the performance of agricultural machinery and assessing whether it is suitable for extension. The 63 agricultural machinery promotion and appraisal outlines released this time focus on the mechanization of grain and pig production in the new development stage, the mechanization of local characteristic advantage crops, and the automation and intelligence of agricultural machinery, highlighting automatic dry and wet feeders for pigs and plant protection unmanned aircraft , Agricultural machinery planting operation monitoring terminal and other current production urgent needs, which can effectively supplement the shortcomings in the field of agricultural machinery testing and identification, strengthen green intelligence, accelerate the transformation of agricultural machinery scientific and technological achievements, and promote the transformation and upgrading of agricultural mechanization and the development of modern agriculture.