The Market Supervision Bureau of Xiyang County, Shanxi, in conjunction with four departments to carry out a special rectification action on rural counterfeit and shoddy food
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   In order to implement the “four strictest” work requirements for food safety, strengthen the governance of rural counterfeit and shoddy food, and protect the health and legal rights of rural residents, according to Shanxi Province Market Supervision Bureau, Provincial Public Security Department, Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Provincial Department of Commerce and Provincial Supply and Marketing Cooperatives”Notice on Jointly Printing and Distributing the”Shanxi Province Special Law Enforcement Action Plan for Combating Rural Counterfeit and Substandard Food” (Jinshi Jianfa [2020] No. 386 ) And Jinzhong Market Supervision Bureau, Municipal Public Security Department, Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department, Municipal Commerce Department, and Municipal Supply and Marketing Cooperative”Jinzhong Municipal Market Supervision Administration and other five departments jointly issued the”Jinzhong City Special Law Enforcement Action against Counterfeit and Substandard Food in Rural Areas” Plan> Notice” (City Jianfa [2021] No. 10) requirements, combined with the actual situation of Xiyang County, recently, Xiyang County Market Supervision Bureau, Xiyang County Public Security Bureau, Xiyang County Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Xiyang County The Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and the five departments of the Xiyang County Supply and Marketing Cooperative jointly launched a special rectification action on rural counterfeit and shoddy food, and issued a joint action plan.

   This special rectification action focuses on rural areas and rural wholesale markets, farmer’s markets, urban-rural junctions, campuses and surrounding areas, tourist attractions, natural villages, etc. Areas with frequent and prone food problems are the key markets; food wholesalers, small restaurants, small supermarkets and shops around campuses, food production and processing workshops, food vendors, rural schools (including kindergartens) canteens, rural collective meals, etc. Food production and operation are the key subjects; foods that are closely related to the daily bulk consumption of the people in rural areas, foods with non-edible substances, children’s foods and folk foods, foods that do not meet safety standards, and meat that has not been inspected or quarantined , Common foods that claim special functions,”three noes” foods,”counterfeit products, trademark infringing foods, inferior foods, expired foods, more problems are found in supervision and inspection, consumer complaints and reports are more concentrated, and foods with outstanding social reflections are the focus Category. The five departments took multiple measures to dig out clues, attacked, and strictly investigated and dealt with. During the inspection, it was found that the supermarket exposed food was stored open, some food packaging was falsely exaggerated, and the meat ledger was not standardized; some stalls It mainly sells homemade foods that are not marked with the production date and other signs, which are”three-no” products and are explicitly prohibited from being sold; and some foods that require refrigeration are randomly placed on non-refrigerated shelves, etc., the inspection team on the spot ordered the operators to rectify within a time limit If the rectification is not in place after the deadline, further severe punishment will be imposed.

   The people take food as the heaven, and the food takes safety as the first. The quality and safety of rural food is related to the health and life safety of the people. Doing a good job in the management of rural counterfeit and inferior food is of great significance to the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy. The bureau will continue to implement work measures, solidly carry out a special rectification action on rural counterfeit and shoddy food, and at the same time strengthen coordination and cooperation to effectively ensure that the special rectification action achieves practical results.