The Market Supervision Bureau of Ningcheng County, Chifeng City Launches Special Inspections on Starch Products
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   To further regulate the production and processing of starch products such as vermicelli, and strengthen product quality and safety supervision. Recently, the Ningcheng County Market Supervision Bureau carried out special inspections on small starch products production and processing workshops such as vermicelli.

  The inspection team conducted a comprehensive and detailed inspection on the raw material procurement, purchase inspection, feeding, storage, environmental control, health management, etc. of the starch products production and processing workshops such as vermicelli and other starch products. At the same time, it organized a small starch product production and processing workshop such as vermicelli to hold an appointment. At the meeting, the precautions for the production of vermicelli were read out and issued, and the regulatory requirements were further clarified and refined, and the key provisions in the”Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” and”Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Food Production and Processing Workshops and Food Vendors Management Regulations” Conduct training and urge small workshops to further implement the main responsibility for food safety and provide consumers with safe and assured food.
   Up to now, a total of 19 vermicelli and 3 small lapi Liangpi production and processing workshops have been inspected, 6 correction notices have been issued, and 2 illegal activities have been filed for investigation and punishment of the inadequate implementation of the raw and auxiliary material purchase inspection record system.