The Market Supervision Bureau of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region inspects the source of food
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   During the Spring Festival, food purchases and sales are booming, and food safety is particularly important. In order to implement the internship, General Secretary Jin Ping emphasized during his investigation and investigation in Guizhou that “Party committees, governments, and leading cadres at all levels must pay close attention to matters related to the vital interests of the people, in particular, implement epidemic prevention measures, strengthen food safety supervision, and ensure that the people feel at ease during the New Year , Rest assured and comfortable” instructions to ensure the safety of the people’s basic consumer goods, strengthen the implementation of the main responsibilities of food production enterprises, and do a good job in the prevention and control of risks in the food production process. On February 9, the Food Production Division of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau called Carry out food production safety inspections during festivals around the city.

   In this inspection, the Food Production Department of the Bureau and the Food Sampling Unit were divided into two inspection groups, which were carried out by means of “four non-two direct” and random inspections. At the same time, the inspection method was innovated. One of the two inspection groups sampled at the food sales terminal market, and the other group went directly to the enterprise to conduct on-site inspection and sampling based on the location of the sampled unit, and performed on-site inspection and sampling of the products sold in the market and the products produced by the enterprise on site. Comparing and supervising the responsibility and product risk management and control.

   This time, we sampled seasonal foods and liquor,”four white” foods, pastries, starch products, traditional ethnic dairy products, etc., which are prone to food safety issues. , A total of 9 batches were sampled. Through the sampling information of consumer terminals, three food production companies were investigated, namely Inner Mongolia Tianwang Food Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Letian Miyu Food Co., Ltd., and Hohhot Anchen Food Co., Ltd. During the on-site inspection, it was discovered that the wet vermicelli produced by Inner Mongolia Tianwang Food Co., Ltd. had no production date and was sold out of the factory, and the production conditions of the company had changed. The local supervisory department has been instructed to order the company to stop production for rectification. The drainage ditch of the Hohhot Anchen Food Co., Ltd. workshop was seriously stained and was not cleaned up in time; the partitions of each processing area have been opened, and there are problems such as cross-contamination. Related issues have been handed over to the territorial supervisory department for further investigation and treatment.