The Market Supervision Bureau of Feixian County in Shandong has investigated a case of engaging in the operation of imported cold chain food in violation of epidemic prevention and control regulations
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  Recently, the law enforcement officers of the Feixian Market Supervision Administration discovered an act of failing to implement the cold chain food epidemic prevention and control requirements during the supervision and inspection of Mazhuang Town Daji. After on-site inspection, it was discovered that Song Moumou privately sold Indonesian imported frozen Hairtail, did not report to the relevant authorities 24 hours in advance, did not use the”Shandong Cold Chain” system to truthfully fill in the report, did not store in partitions, did not operate with bright codes, and could not provide relevant certificates truthfully, which brought greater security risks to the epidemic prevention and control work . Currently, Song XX has been administratively detained by the public security organs in accordance with the law.
   All cold chain food business units must learn from their lessons and take warning! Strictly implement the”five must” for the prevention and control of cold chain food epidemics (must report to the market supervision department 24 hours in advance of the purchase of imported cold chain food, the entire process must be traceable, epidemic prevention and elimination and personnel protection must be strictly implemented, and the response must be strictly implemented. The requirements of due diligence must be strictly handled in emergency situations), and the main responsibility for the prevention and control of cold chain food epidemics must be taken seriously to prevent the spread of the epidemic by objects and people.
   In the next step, the Feixian Market Supervision Administration will continue to increase investigation and exposure, and will not report in advance, cooperate with centralized supervision, do not enter the centralized supervision warehouse for testing and disinfection, and do not enter the”Shandong Cold Chain””System, no request for evidence, no partition storage, no display code sales, and other behaviors that do not implement the city’s cold chain food epidemic prevention and control measures, according to the”Regarding the Further Implementation of Imported Cold Chain Food Centralized Nucleic Acid Testing and Preventive Comprehensive Disinfection Work Announcement (Linzhibanbao [2020] No. 51), all businesses will be closed for rectification, publicly exposed, incorporated into the integrity system, and joint punishments will be implemented.