The Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Donghe District, Baotou City Takes Multiple Measures to Standardize the Beef Jerky Market
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   At present, complaints and reports of insufficient clean beef content across the country have become hot issues. To further strengthen the supervision of the quality and safety of ethnic specialty foods in our district, and to rectify the lack of supply in the beef jerky market, the market in Donghe District The Supervision Administration has taken various measures to carry out supervision and inspection, supervise and urge production enterprises to standardize and operate honestly, and effectively regulate the market for beef jerky.
   One is to organize a 2021 quantitative packaging commodity enterprise collective meeting to promote relevant laws and regulations such as the”Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Quantitative Packaging Commodity Measurements” and the”Provisions on Penalties for Violation of Commodity Measurements”, and 9 beef jerky The manufacturer signed the Proposal for Credit Measurement Commitment for Quantitative Packaging Commodity Production and Operation Enterprises on site, requiring companies to earnestly implement a self-declaration system for quantitative packaging commodity measurement assurance capabilities and strengthen the sense of subject responsibility.
   The second is to promptly accept complaints about insufficient clean beef content, actively seek information from the complainant, obtain evidence, and cooperate with the Municipal Bureau to carry out beef jerky measurement supervision and random inspection of the complained enterprise, and investigate and deal with the investigation of problems.
   The third is to require beef jerky production enterprises within the jurisdiction to initiate an independent recall system, and immediately recall beef jerky with measurement problems to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.
  Fourth is to in-depth beef jerky production enterprises to conduct in-depth supervision of all aspects of their production and sales, and to strictly investigate the establishment of their purchase and sales accounts. Supervise and urge production enterprises to standardize their operations, be honest and trustworthy, and prevent the occurrence of problems such as shoddy products and fake products.
   Beef jerky is a specialty of Inner Mongolia. It is known as”the marching food of Genghis Khan”. The delicious beef jerky has become a cultural card of Baotou and even the whole of Inner Mongolia. Through the implementation of a series of measures, the beef jerky consumption environment has been effectively purified, and the beef jerky production and marketing market in Donghe District has been gradually standardized. In the next step, the bureau will continue to strengthen the supervision of beef jerky products, increase inspections and supervision, promptly eliminate hidden dangers that may cause damage to the public interest, strengthen information disclosure, improve corporate quality assurance capabilities with practical actions, and effectively protect consumption The legitimate rights and interests of the